Space-Con 2 (the second Star Trek convention) was held in Oakland at what was then known as the Oakland Municipal Auditorium (now the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center) on August 7 and 8, 1976.   Bob Wilkins, the host of Creature Features, which broadcast on KTVU, was the emcee at Space-Con 2.  This convention was much larger then the first, which had been in San Francisco's Lincoln High School the previous year.

Here is a great review written by Shirley Maiewski about the event from

"It lived up to its billing as the 'largest Star Trek Convention on the West Coast' -- there were well over 10,000 attendees. The arena of the auditorium was filled several times, and alternate programming of films and science talks and writers' workshops were also well attended. Most of the ST cast members were there: William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan, DeForest Kelley, George Takei, Mark Lenard, Arlene Martel, and Bruch Hyde were all scheduled speakers; Majel Barrett was also there.

Also there were a great number of space and NASA scientists—Gerald A. Soffen, Project Scientist of NASA's Viking Project; Jesco Von Puttkamer, Senior Staff Specialist in the Advanced Program Office of Space Flight; Dr. Kerry Mark Joels, with NASA/Ames Research Center; Andrew Fraknoi, an instructor of astronomy and physics at Canada College, Redwood City, CA, who spoke on "Can the Enterprise fly?;" not to mention Col. Alfred Worden, astronaut, Commander of Apollo XV.

Great interest was shown in what they had to say, belying the thought that Trekfen are only interested in Trekkie ideas! The Writer's Workshop on Saturday evening was well attended—speakers were: Theodore Sturgeon, who wrote 2 ST episodes; Robert Silverberg, Hugo and Nebula award winner; Eric Burgess, freelance author, lecturer, and journalist, who writes technical articles for NASA and many other astronautical societies; and Frank Catalano, a freelance SF writer and radio personality in California.

While the con was very large, most people seemed pleased with what they "got" for their money. As always, there were a few who did not know what to expect, and were upset because they couldn't get the autographs of WS and LN—who were NOT giving ANY—and with good reason. They'd be there yet!! The other stars did have long autograph sessions, under difficult circumstances.

Besides the writers at the Workshop, many others gave autographs and talked with the fen: Poul Anderson, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Richard Lupoff, Ray Faraday Nelson, and others.

The Dealers' Room was isolated on the 3rd floor, with almost no ventilation--IT WAS HOT!! A long line of would-be customers wound up several flights of stairs, and security had to let one in when one left. There was a small fire in an airduct one afternoon, when the room had to be closed for an hour and a half.

The Art Show was hard to find, but worth the search. Some beautiful art was displayed—there is great talent in Trekdom!" 1

There is a short documentary entitled Back to Space-Con covering the Bay Area conventions in the 1970's with interviews of science fiction industry personalities. 

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