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This page is for The New ParkwayLooking for The Parkway (original)?

The Parkway was a legendary movie theater that had comfy seats, pizza and beer. It closed down in 2009. After years of dismay, people got together and lo, the New Parkway was born.

Established December, 2012

The New Parkway was the recipient of the East Bay Express Best Movie for Non-Movie Events Award in 2014.

lobby at The New Parkway
photo from Our Oakland
theater at The New Parkway
photo from Our Oakland

General list of themed events:

Baby Brigade, Mondays

is an opportunity for parents of young children to come to the movies. Instead of having to get a babysitter for your baby in order to do adult things, why not just bring your baby to the movies? We'll show some of our regular features, only we've got changing tables set up and an audience that understands if there are a few screams or whimpers along the way.

Doc Night, Tuesdays

Weekly showing of one or more documentaries, often accompanied by a community discussion. Some of the screenings are one off presentations while others are part of a larger series. Always engaging, always pertinent, and almost always $6.

Afterschool Special, Wednesdays

OUSD schools get out early on Wednesdays so they have an afternoon showing for students (and anyone else who wants to attend). Never R- rated, these teen-friendly titles at 2 for 1 prices are the perfect study break. They always offer $1 student discounts but bring a friend and it's half-price instead.

2 for 1 Wednesdays

Two people for the price of one, all day Wednesdays, for all of our offerings. The name says it all! 

Senior Special, Wednesdays

Part of our 2 for 1 Wednesdays, we try to pick one of our features that might be well-suited to the senior crowd. Perhaps some of our more mature titles, though no maturity required, and you're never too old to have fun with a whole range of movies.

Parkway Classics, Thursdays

Cult favorites, party flicks, and rarely screened revivals from the relatively recent past, selected by Will "The Thrill" Viharo.

Family Classics, Fridays at 4pm, Saturdays at 12:30pm

This time slot is geared towards the whole family with titles that are perfect for kids, tweens, and teens but also hopefully engaging for adults. 

Spectrum Queer Media, Sundays

Produced by Spectrum Queer Media, this weekly series is dedicated to the best of LGBTQ feature films and documentaries, often accompanied by speakers and/or discussion. 

Thrillville Theater, Sundays

Classic "indoor" drive-in movies from the vintage voodoo vaults of pop cinema history, programmed by Will "the Thrill" Viharo.

Past Events

August, 2013 is Karma Cinema Month

For the entire month of August, The New Parkway Theater is encouraging patrons to pay-what-they-wish for their movie ticket. In turn, 30% of ticket sales will be donated to four local nonprofit "Karma Partners," each in a different sector doing vital work in our community. The New Parkway is inviting people to experience the power of generosity with Karma Cinema. Not only will patrons be encouraged to be as generous as possible, but they will also be showered with unexpected gifts throughout the month.  It's all part of a cycle of generosity that will envelop patrons, staff, and the greater community as donations and spontaneous giving ripple inward and outward from the New Parkway Theater. 

In August, patrons can choose exactly how much they want to pay for their movie ticket. Of those proceeds, 30% of gross ticket sales for the month will go into the Karma Fund. New Parkway moviegoers can then chose where they want their karma to flow-they select their favored nonprofit at the theater, and proceeds will be distributed among the four Karma Partners accordingly. (i.e. If a Karma Partner is selected by 28% of patrons, then it will receive 28% of the proceeds.)

 Karma Cinema Month Partners include: 


Their front wall gets a new mural on it fairly often!

Also, when you're facing the Parkway, a little bit down the street on the left is the 24th Street Mural and after that, on the corner of 24th and Telegraph, is the Give Love Mural.

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