Porter's C Building
7:30am - 11pm Mon-Thurs
7:30am - 4pm Friday
4pm - 10pm Sat & Sun
(831) 427-2608
(Names of owners/proprietors here)
(Date, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD)
Payment Method
Cash, Flexi Dollars, ATM on premises

Located at Porter College, this campus eatery is popular for its ambiance and tasty food. The menu consists mostly of burgers, burritos, milkshakes and sandwiches, with a few signature items like "Slug Gruel" (like a burrito in a bowl) and "Cardiac Arrest" (a burger with all sorts of animal-based stuff on it). They also feature a Pac-Man arcade game, which also doubles as a table. The back wall of the cafe usually features student artwork. They also have an ATM. Past businesses in this location include Sluggo's Pizza.

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2007-03-09 22:14:20   Those are the hours posted on the university's website. The kitchen will often close an hour before the time posted —DanielSherman

2009-10-09 18:40:59   The Hungry Slug is currently under remodeling and will reopen Spring 2010. —