Where Ice Cream Grade ends at Empire Grade.

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Ice Cream Grade starts at Pine Flat Road and goes about three miles to Empire Grade. It is west of Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. Residents of Bonny Doon consider it a cut-off to Felton.

There are many stories of how the road might have gotten the name. The name "grade" was commonly applied to steep roads in the area. One popular legend is the citizens of the area raised money for the road by having ice cream socials. The actual time of the construction of the road is unknown. The first mention of the name was an announcement by the Holme(s) Lime Company of a new kiln on Ice Cream Grade in 1899.


Hilly, narrow, no bike lanes and off the beaten path.

Public Transportation

No public transportation on this road.


Major Intersections

Restaurants and Shopping




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