Education Level
All levels, anyone can attend/teach classes
The skool is decentralized— there is no main campus or office. Classes are held in public spaces, reserved community areas or private residences.
Contact Number
(831) 335-3109
Website (offline)
[email protected]

Free Skool Santa Cruz is no longer an active project.

Free Skool Santa Cruz is a completely grassroots effort focused on the free exchange of information without overarching institutional settings and hierarchical relationships. Emphasis is placed on equality of all participants; that we all learn from and teach one another. There is no cost to attend classes, except some classes request a materials fee or money to reserve the public space. However, no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.

Classes the Skool offers varies from term to term, depending on what people sign up to teach. Classes for the winter 06-07 quarter include bicycle repair/maintenance, various survival skills (both wild and urban), math help, yoga, radio journalism, and much more. A complete listing of current classes would be posted on the Free Skool website.

The Free Skool also supports and hosts classes/events in conjunction with other local organizations:

Want to know more about free schools in general? Visit the Wikipedia article about Free Schools

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