Even on some maps, the distinction between NORTH Green Valley Road and SOUTH Green Valley Road is not noted. To the locals it is "Green Valley Road north of Freedom Blvd." or "Green Valley Road south of Freedom Blvd." to refer to either Green Valley Roads.

South Green Valley Road starts at Freedom Boulevard and goes south, across Main Street, to Highway 1. A distance of about 1.5 miles. Across Highway 1 the road becomes Harkins Slough Road.

NORTH Green Valley Road runs north of Freedom Blvd. North Green Valley Road is often called Green Valley Road.  South Green Valley Road is often called "Green Valley Road south of Freedom Blvd."


For South Green Valley Road, Bike lanes extend all along the way. As you go south, it is mostly down hill.

Public Transportation

Bus routes covers parts of South Green Valley Rd. from Harkins Slough to Freedom Boulevard. Another bus route  covers Green Valley Road from Main Street to Freedom Boulevard.


South Green Valley Road At Pajaro Plaza, at the corner of Main Street and South Green Valley Road, is a welcome sign for Watsonville.

This sign on South Green Valley Road (where the road becomes Harkens Slough Road) is mis-labeled.


The name Green Valley, comes from the translation of Cañada Verde. A name that represents the valley area now covered by Green Valley Road.

Major Intersections

South Green Valley Road Harkens Slough Road/Silver Leaf Road & South Green Valley Road

Main Street & South Green Valley Road

Kralj Drive & South Green Valley Road

Loma Prieta Road & South Green Valley Road

Freedom Boulevard & South Green Valley Road

Businesses & Services

Businesses available at or near Main Street for South Green Valley Road.


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