Band Members

Nick Crow- Rhythm Guitar/Bass, Vocals

Daniel Martins- Bass/Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Jack Milner- Lead Guitar

Alec Vigil- Saxophone

John Vivian- Drums

Contact Info

The Black Birds is a local rock band that originated in Santa Cruz. They started out about four years ago living in Cowell College at the University of California, Santa Cruz. From here, the students developed friendships with each other and found similar interests in music as well as playing an instrument that eventually turned into a group. The group started out with three players; two guitarists and a bass player. They played in the dorms freshman year for their fellow colleagues and decided this was something worth pursuing. However, due to a suspension from one of the members, playing in the dorms were limited for the rest of the year. 

In the summer after their freshman year, they had a few gigs. There were a couple taken place in Santa Cruz as well as in Pasadena and Encinitas in Southern California. After the successful performances, The Black Birds decided to add another member to the band as a Saxophonist. A little while after, they decided to add a Drummer who happened to live next door to them. From here on, they were able to play more shows in Santa Cruz. After a fun and successful year of performances, one of the members decided to move home to save money for a year. Because of this, their junior year was on a hiatus. 

In the current year (senior year) the band picked back up and have been playing shows at local bars such as Rosie McCans, Crows Nest, Boccis Cellar, and Blue Lagoon. They are also in the UCSC’s Got Talent and National College Battle of the Bands competing to win it all.

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