From Who's Who on the Screen, published by Ross Publishing Co., 1920.


ZaSu Pitts was born in Parsons, Kansas on January 3, 1894, and moved with her family to Santa Cruz, California in 1903. Her birth name was Eliza Susan Pitts. She was known as ZaSu since she was a child. Many references lists ZaSu as her birth name. Her name has sometimes been spelled Zazu Pitts in movie credits such as "The Locked Door" (1929) where she is listed as Telephone Girl. In Las Vegas, Nevada a street named for her has it as, Za Zu Pitts Avenue. Her name is often mispronounced. She wrote that is should be, "Say Zoo."

In 1979 the family house on Lincoln Street in Santa Cruz, was awarded Landmark Status by the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History.

She wrote a book, "Candy Hits by ZaSu Pitts" which is a collection of candy recipes. While in Santa Cruz she was known for making candies. According to one rumor, her recipe for rum patties came from Buckhart's Candies. The book was published after her death. She died on June 7, 1963.


ZaSu Pitts was in over 200 films (including shorts). She started in silent films and made it into talkies. Her popularity grew in the 1920's. Her last role was as Gertie the switchboard operator in the Stanley Kramer comedy, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (1963).

The caption in the image on the right, reads: "ZaSu Pitts, known as the "girl with the ginger snap name" was born in Parsons, Kansas and received her education in Santa Cruz, California. She embarked upon a screen career with Universal, appearing in many of their comedies. Miss Pitts has also appeared in "The Little Princess," "A Modern Musketeer," and "How Could You, Jean" for the Famous Players after which she was featured in "As the Sun Went Down" for the Metro Company. ZaSu Pitts as befits her splendid work on the silver sheet, is now being starred by Robertson-Vole and the reception her pictures "The Other Half" and "Poor Relations" have received prove her popularity. She is found of tennis and motoring, is five six inches high, weighs a hundred and fifteen pounds and has blue eyes and brown hair."


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