Hayes Valley is the area just west of Davies Symphony Hall and the Opera House. It runs primarily down Hayes Street between Franklin and Laguna. Historically, it was a run-down area of San Francisco, primarily due to the looming presence of the off-ramp/overpass for 101. However, after the Loma Prieta Earthquake, the overpass had to be taken down due to instability. The result was a boom for a wide variety of retailers, as well as the addition of a public park called Patricia's Green on Octavia Boulevard. Hayes Valley is now host to a burgeoning selection of restaurants and shops.


The Hayes Valley community is a blend of newly arrived yuppies and long-standing residents. There is particular contrast between the upscale/snooty vibe of Hayes Street and the more blue collar housing projects two blocks north.


Hayes Valley is host to a wide variety of "high-end" shops and restaurants geared toward the new influx of urban professionals to the area. While the clothing stores and boutiques try to be more "exclusive" (both in pricing and clientèle), the restaurants seem to attract a more well-rounded crowd of San Franciscans, perhaps due to the close proximity to the opera, symphony the courts and local/state government.

Here's an article with a bit of history of Hayes Valley specifically focusing on how it came to be something of a hotspot for clothing boutiques.



Food Retailers


Hair Salons




Hayes Valley is easily accessible via the Muni station at Market and Van Ness, and is a short walk from the Civic Center BART station.

Muni buses #21, #5, #49 and #47 also go through Hayes Valley.