Photo by Thomas HawkDunn Bros Coffee is a franchise chain of coffee shops founded in St. Paul in 1987 by Ed and Dan Dunn.  The first location opened on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, after Ed and Dan procured a 12-kilo Probat roaster from Portland, Oregon.  Four years later they opened their second location on Lake Street in Minneapolis.

Dunn Brothers is the 9th largest coffee company in the United States with 85 locations, as of 2006.  Most Dunn Bros Coffee shops are located in the Twin Cities; however, they also have locations in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wisconsin.  Many locations offer meeting spaces, patios, drive thrus, and live bands.

Dunn Brothers Values

Team Player

Working together and supporting each other toward our shared vision.

Success with humility and integrity

Passion and drive to evolve our company and grow in a positive way, that benefits all of our stakeholders - while being true to our humble beginnings and ethical soul.

Celebration of authenticity

Our commitment to being true to our core and being open and genuine in our pursuits and passions.

Passion for growth and positive change

We strive to grow, and with growth will always come change. We embrace this notion and continually strive to be better at what we do.

Caring attitude

Simple - do the right thing.

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