One stretch of West Park in the summerFree concert at the band shell

West Park stretches between Miller Avenue and  West Huron Street, and North Seventh Street and Chapin Street on the old west side of the city. It has a great baseball diamond, a band shell for fair-weather concerts, tennis & basketball courts, and a nice large lawn.

There are wild black raspberries to pick in season.

West Park floods from time to time; Allen Creek runs through it underground.

There are paved paths in the park.

Pedestrian Access

There is pedestrian access from all four streets that bound the park. Access from either Miller or Huron involves steep paths, whereas access from Seventh or Chapin are more gentle.


There is no street parking available on Miller or Huron. There is limited street parking on Seventh. There is a parking lot accessible from Chapin Street.

Public Transportation

The AATA has bus routes on Miller Avenue (12 and 18) and Huron Street (9).

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