Candy Apple at Nick's Night Club (Jake Sprecher out of frame on right) Candy Apple is an independent rock band formed in August of 2007 in Chico, CA by Scott Barwick and Jake Sprecher. They've often been compared to the garage bands of the 60s such as the ? and the Mysterians. They first performed at Off Limits (now Nick's Night Club) and have made many appearance since. They will be touring the west coast from February to April in 2008. They were nominated in 2008 for CN&R's CAMMIES in the Rock/Pop category.


Crowds jamming to Candy Apple at Nick's

Former Members

* Jake Sprecher (also of The Yule Logs) — vocals and guitar

Band's Biography

Candy Apple There was a time, though it may seem distant, when American underground rock ‘n’ roll was ruled by sounds now oft forgotten; the shrill screams of a Farfisa organ, the gritty punch of a hollow-body guitar, frenetic drums behind delicious bass licks, and the irresistible clashing of a tambourine. These are the echoes of garage rock: rhythm and blues on a strung out bender, gallivanting about with a dip in the hip and a mop on the top.

Thankfully this spirit has not been left entirely in the past. Candy Apple, hailing from Chico, CA, is living proof. Five members strong, Candy Apple is comprised of Scott Barwick (vocals, organ), Jake Sprecher (vocals, guitar), Katie Kelley (bass), Slee Jensen (drums), and Sunny Summer (tambourine). Guided by the power of Farfisa organ, the group summons enticing demons from the likes of The Standells, Roky Erickson, The Count Five, and The Sonics. And with a live presence that rips across the stage, it is no feat for Candy Apple to steam the entire room in a hot minute. Up-tempo head-shakers like “Jeanie Was A Motor Biker,” “Pretty Please,” and “Better Think Twice” are ripe with frenetic energy, while mid and down tempo behemoths like “Bitter Sweet” and “Darling” are soul to the bone. Trading off lead duties, the juxtaposition of Barwick and Sprecher’s vocal delivery is delectably poignant. The band strives to recreate sounds of the late 70's, emulating Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, but is lacking in passion, as none of the members are heroine addicts. Some say they ought to give it a shoot and hope for the best, while others have merely written them off as "Lou Reed minus the drugs." Only time will tell, but with a butt-shakin'-tambourine-playing-cute-girl front and center, how can they go wrong with an adult crowd?

All five band members harness years of experience to create the satisfying whole that is Candy Apple. The group aims for ample touring after the New Year, including a national stint during the summer of ’08. With lofty goals and the drive to match, Candy Apple will most assuredly be putting the devil back in your jeans.

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  • Split 7" EP w/ The Shankers to be released on February 22nd, 2008