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Political Characterizations

Chico isn't a typical valley city as the town has a rich history in the arts and likely the university has made its mark, but historians may disagree. According to 2007 voting records, 53.73% of the people in Chico, CA are registered Republican, 44.14% are registered as Democrats, and the remaining 2.13% are independent. That said, Chico does not have major "far right" nor "far left" local politics of any great influence, but rather a majority of Republican and Democrat voters who tend to lean toward the center in terms of their overall political views.

According to California's Secretary of State1, Chico has a higher percentage of Republican voters than Butte County average of 39.9% and 40.3% for San Joaquin County. Compared to other cities in Butte County, Chico had the highest percentage of registered Democrats compared to other towns in Butte County by the end of 2007. Specifically Gridley, Biggs, Oroville, and Paradise have a combined 33.5% registered Democrat voters with a total of 25,835 registered voters. Perhaps this is due in part to the industrious activities of Mike Hawkins.

Chico is also home to a great number of Green Party voters at 2.8% while neighboring Paradise consists of just 1.3%. However, Butte County is within parity of most valley counties.

Political Organizations

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