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The UC Davis chapter of AEPi had a cumulative GPA of 3.2, 76 active brothers, placed first in Arrowjam and raised over $7,000 for Shaare Zedek children's hospital. Somehow we still found time to throw the sickest parties... and this was just last year.


Alpha Epsilon Pi or ΑΕΠ was founded at New York University in 1913 and remains the largest social fraternity in California and New York and the largest Jewish fraternity in the world. Ever since our foundation, we have been dedicated to developing college men who portray our ideals in leadership, honesty, loyalty, and brotherhood. AEPi is the only remaining Jewish fraternity in the United States.

At UC Davis, ΑΕΠ has become the largest force in the Greek system. With over 70 active brothers, the most on campus, ΑΕΠ has an extremely extensive and creative social calendar with events every week and a professional house chef who cooks home-style meals. We go on weekend retreats and overnight formals as well as summer trips to Israel and across the country. We have the strongest fraternal alumni network and a large fraternity house downtown located across from Toomey Field.

Not only does ΑΕΠ host top-notch themed parties, we also hold philanthropy events every quarter to raise money for Shaare Zedek Children's Medical Hospital located in Jerusalem, which provides aid for children on both sides of the middle east conflict. This past 2010 school year ΑΕΠ is proud to announce that we raised $7000 for the hospital with our events "Dumps for Dollars" and "Mediterranean Night."

ΑΕΠ competes in nearly every intramural sport, including flag football, soccer, basketball and inner-tube water polo. ΑΕΠ also hosts pick-up basketball every Saturday afternoon at our basketball court in our backyard.

This past school year ΑΕΠ placed first out of all fraternities with a 3.2 cumulative GPA.

ΑΕΠ is active on campus, in the Greek system, and in the Jewish community.

We have brothers involved in practically every aspect of campus life. There are currently 10 AEPi brothers currently working at the campus coffee house (coho). Other brothers currently work for student leadership, the inter-fraternal greek council (IFC), The California Aggie, the ARC, Hillel house, and many other on campus jobs. We have brothers on the Davis Cycling Team, the Frisbee team, and the Taekwondo team.

AEPi is proud to say that we are one of the loudest Jewish voices on campus. We often host talks on Israel at our house and our brothers proudly walk every year on campus at the "Walk to Remember" holocaust walk. We work closely with Hillel and many brothers work there as interns, Shabbat service leaders, or Kosher cooks.

Not only does AEPi hold our own philanthropies, we contribute and participate in other Greek philanthropic events. From Alpha Phi's King of Hearts to DG dodgeball, we participate and contribute money to help support fellow greeks. AEPi prides itself in maintaining good relationships with other greek organizations and often holds events with such organizations. This past spring we participated in The Clothesline Project with Kappa Alpha Theta and Kappa Psi Epsilon to raise awareness of sexual assault on college campuses.

Notes and In the News

On January 31, 2015, The Sacramento Bee reported that the AEPi building in Davis had been tagged with two large swastikas. Davis police investigated and Chancellor Linda Katehi condemned the perpetrators' actions in a public statement. The action is considered a hate crime.

In 2011, AEPi participated in Pi Beta Phi's philanthropy dance competition called Arrowjam. We worked hard practicing for months and finally took home 1st place! Check out our performance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjyUB0sHWYc

In 2009 AEPi hosted Iration (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTK1YbRHL2I&feature=related), and planned to host many more concerts in 2010 and 2011.

AEPi has many notable alumni ranging from the creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, to the former president of Coca-Cola, to the musicians Simon and Garfunkel, to two Nobel prize winners in medicine. Other notable alumni include Wolf Blitzer, Jerry Lewis, Gene Wilder, and Richard Lewis.

"No one could tell me where my soul might be; I searched for God, but He eluded me; I sought my brother out and found all three."

For Fall Rush Information, contact our Fall Rush Chair Eden Axelrad — [email protected]

IFC Awards
  • 2011 IFC Inter-Greek Relations Award
  • 2010 IFC Inter-Greek Relations Award
  • 2005 IFC Award of Excellence
  • 2005 Greek Man of the Year Award : Adam Gerber
  • 2004 IFC Award of Excellence
  • 2004 Greek Man of the Year Award : Donald Cohen-Cutler
  • 2003 IFC Award of Excellence
  • 2003 IFC Highest GPA Award
Philanthropic Awards
Past Presidents
  • Michael Charles
  • David Rosove
  • Max Rothman
  • Tye Gregory
  • Louis J. Sachs
  • Evan Chait
  • Jon McEvoy
  • Daniel Friedman
  • Brian Campoy
  • Dan Schwartz
  • Ari Rowland
  • Dan Fisher
  • Mark Nassi
  • Brian Debowskey
  • Jonathan Ziegler
  • Darrell Mariz
  • Adam Inlander (Served 2 terms)(Former Undergraduate Supreme Governor)
  • Matthew Kaufman
  • Timothy Thornell
  • Howlan Gordan
  • Joseph Noble
  • Geoffrey Deboskey
  • Stephen Cossman (Founding President)

AEPi Brothers on Campus:

Current Aaron Rucinski: ROTC Alex Neigher: Member, Davis Cycling Team, Forecaster for The Aggie, Meteorologist for the National Weather Service Cory Warshaw: Curator of TEDx Davis Daniel Brawer: Campus Tour Guide David Turkell: President/Founder of Aggies for Israel Ethan Sorscher: Employee, Memorial Union Post Office Gil Mark: Unitrans Bus Driver Kyle Prosen: Volunteer, Hillel House, Lifeguard at the Rec Pool Leon Bernstein: Mondavi Center Ticket Agent Max Rothman: Davis Ambassador, Monster Energy Drink Mark Bogost: Assistant for TEDx Davis Michael Charles: Kitchen Supervisor, ASUCD Coffee House Michael Lipp: Assistant for TEDx Davis Ethan Rader: Supervisor, Activities and Recreation Center; IFC President Zachary Loebel: Hardware Support Supervisor, Computer Lab Management; Jonathan Mitchell: Former ASUCD Senator, Killed BDS Twice, drinks Ciroc

Former Zack Levine: Kitchen Supervisor, ASUCD Coffee House Louis Sachs: Student Manager, CFC; Shabbaton Director, Congregation Bet Haverim Justin Greenberg: Researcher, UCD Plant Genetics Lab Julian Habdank-Kolaczkowski: Lab Assistant, UCD Center for Neuroscience Tyler Gregory: Song Leader, Hillel House Ari Feinstein: Coffee House Student Manager Brian Goldberg: Davis Veechi Representative Jake Ellis: Member, Club Frisbee Team Tal Sraboyants: President, UCD Taekwondo Club Daniel Storrow: Actor, various works on campus Ethan Sorscher: Member, External Affairs Commission Drew Lu: Researcher, UCD Plant Pathology Dept. Geoffrey Abram: UCD Campus Tour Guide Eric Friedman: ASUCD Senator, Jewish Student Union - Secretary & UCD Tour Guide Aaron Winkler: JSU- Vice President of Programming Daniel Friedman: Jewish Student Union - President Aaron Saltzman: California Aggie - Arts Writer Dylan Tarnoff: Jewish Student Union Treasurer Evan Chait: IFC - Internal Vice President Louis Sachs: IFC - Activities Vice President Leo Landes: ASUCD Business and Finance Commission - Commissioner Mike Shapiro: CFC- Member Joshua Karbelnig: KDVS - DJ PBRJ, DJ NICO SQUARE Donald Cohen-Cutler: ASUCD - Member of ASUCD Senate Jeremy Gimbel: ASUCD - Chair of the ASUCD External Affairs Commission Adam Gerber: ASUCD - Member of ASUCD Senate Daniel Zussman: ASUCD - Member of ASUCD Academic Affairs Commission Aaron Saltzman: ASUCD - Member of ASUCD Academic Affairs Commission Greg Grinberg: ASUCD - Member of ASUCD Internal Affairs Commission Mark Klebanov: ASUCD - Vice Chair of ASUCD Business and Finance Commission & GCB Member Daniel Aleksander: IFC - 2004-2005 Internal Vice-President Daniel Friedman: IFC- 2004-2005 External Vice President, 2006-2007 President Alex Olenick: California Aggie- Cartoonist Daniel Stone: California Aggie - Editor-In-Chief of The California Aggie Rodney Moreh: IFC - Activities Vice President Neuriel Shore: IFC - Secretary Dave Rindenow: IFC - Treasurer

To learn more visit http://www.aepidavis.com or http://www.aepi.org

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