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Beloved Pet Mobile Vet provides housecall veterinary services to the greater Sacramento area. The focus of this practice is on in-home hospice care for domestic animals. The goal is to maximize the amount of quality time that a pet has left, so the animal can enjoy as much time as possible with its owner. Dr Hendrix also provide in-home euthanasia services, extending to burial and private cremation, with urns and pawprints available. She no longer provides regular veterinary care or vaccines.

Dr. Hendrix, an emergency doctor by trade, has 23 years of experience in the veterinary field, and has been living in Davis since 1991. She is also a member of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care, an organization dedicated to promoting hospice care for pets and is on the task force for the Second annual Pet Hospice Conference sponsored by IAAHPC.

It was founded by Dr. Lynn Hendrix and Dr. Margaret Hunt, both graduates of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine; however, Dr Margaret Hunt has left Beloved Pet Mobile Vet.

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2012-03-26 19:47:26   We are forever grateful to Dr. Lynn Hendrix. She responded almost immediately to our call and came to our home to diagnose our dog near the end of his long and happy life. He trusted her and was very comfortable. She gently but realistically discussed his issues and made some recommendations. We were not ready to humanely euthanize him that day but chose to spend a bit of quality time saying goodbye to our beloved pet of many years. When the time was right, she came to our home and so gently and calmly fostered his trust again. He laid on his bed and she gave him a shot that allowed him to slowly relax. We petted him and spoke to him. When we were ready, we gave the signal for the final injection that stopped his heart. Dr. Hendrix seems to know the heart and soul of the pet and how they intersect with the heart and soul of the owners. Her house call saved our pet from a frightening and painful trip to the veterinarian's office. We were allowed to comfort him in the comfort of his own home. We never had to see him panting and fearful. She also took him away for us so we could focus on sending his soul off to wherever it is that dog's souls go. We felt Dr. Hendrix knew exactly what to do and when. She is a gentle and understanding person. Her diagnosis was correct and left us with no questions in our mind. Making the decision to end a life is a gut-wrenching, grueling one, but so is watching your beloved pet suffer when he does not have to. We recommend Dr. Hendrix without reservation to anyone needing end-of-life care or humane euthanasia for their pet. She is sensitive to all issues surrounding pets, their families, and this very tender time. —MrsC

2012-04-03 16:08:32   Mrs C, I am so honored by your review, thank you for your kind words. I am honored to know all of my clients and their beloved pets during the final chapter of their lives. Dr Lynn Hendrix —LynnHendrix

2016-04-08 16:08:38   I cannot thank Dr. Lynn Hendrix enough for providing her mobile vet service for animal palliative care and animal at-home euthanasia. She was recommended to us by two different veterinarian services in Davis and was highly recommended. We needed at-home euthanasia for our cat, who had advanced cancer. On the phone she was compassionate, attentive, reassuring, and very clear about what services she provides and what we could expect. Her online scheduling is very effective and helpful. In person she was absolutely wonderful with us and with our sweet cat. When I met her in the parking lot, I was very distraught and she asked me if I wanted a hug. Yes, I did. So sweet! With our cat she was quiet, gentle, kind, moved slowly and talked in a very soothing manner. She talked with us for a while when she arrived so that the cat would get used to her voice in the room. She let us make all the decisions about where our cat would be, when we would start the proceedings,how we wanted to hold our cat during the procedure, how long we would be with our cat afterwards, if we wanted to carry the cat to her car. The procedure was very straightforward and painless for our cat, helped by the fact that after the first injection (in the fold of the skin on the back of the neck for the tranquilizer with small needle), Dr. Hendrix leaves the cat (which reduces stress on the cat), goes to a different part of the room to prepare for the second and third injections, and we were with the cat while the initial tranquilizer took effect, which took about 12 minutes or so and our cat slowly fell asleep. Then Dr. Hendrix injected the anesthesia, and a few minutes later, the euthanasia. Dr. Hendrix provided a very soft blanket which she covered our cat with during the injections. After our cat passed away, Dr. Hendrix went to our car to put her supplies back, giving us alone time with our cat, which was very much appreciated. When she returned, we wrapped our cat in the blanket and I carried our cat to her van, where she had a little bed for the cat's body, surrounded by other soft blankets and padding. I noticed that she closed the trunk of her van very, very slowly and gently before she left. The entire procedure from the time she arrived until she left was one hour and ten minutes. The cost included the tranquilizer, the anesthetic, the euthanasia, cremation, and ashes returned to us, for a total of $475. It's about $100 less expensive if you opt for a communal cremation and ashes not to be returned - they are taken to the Sierras. We wanted to keep the ashes; Dr. Hendrix said it takes about 3-6 weeks to receive them. My son and I were completely distraught about our cat's illness and the fact that she needed euthanasia, and Dr. Hendrix made the experience as dignified and respectful as we could have ever wanted. We feel that this was a gift to our cat, and we are forever grateful to Dr. Hendrix for her skill and gentle, loving personality and kindness. She provides an invaluable service. —DLatt