formerly at 1340 East Covell Blvd., Ste. 107]]. In Oak Tree Plaza next to Little Caesars Pizza
MON-THURS: 11am-7pm, FRI: 10-3, Sat: 9-5, Closed SUN .
(530) 758-RIDE(7433)
Sheldon Blissett
July 2010
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Blisworks Bikes has merged into Ken's Bike-Ski-Board. They offerered quality service and sales from an experienced mechanic at a convenient location.

As an avid mountain biker and bicycle courier in Washington D.C. Sheldon entered the bicycle business with the hopes of cutting his mounting repair expenses. This was back around 1990, before suspension, when cro-moly and cantilever brakes were the "bomb". He learned his craft from two great mechanics, one who was a book taught mechanic and the other was an experienced mechanic from Mexico City who could make anything work because "parts were hard to come by down south". He got the best of two worlds. He has been a wheel builder since the first bike shop he apprenticed in and he's worked and managed many bike shops over the years from City Bikes (Adams Morgan, DC) to Performance Bikes to a couple local shops and he has often been the only mechanic on staff. Blisworks Bikes works on everything from carbon rides to suspended rigs and all the steel steeds inbetween.

So come on in, check me out, I know I can help you with your bicycle woes or help you figure out what your next great bike will be!

Although we mainly sell new bikes we usually do have some quality used bikes for sale.

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2010-07-26 17:46:50   Hey that's real close to me! I'll try and swing by and check it out! —RocksandDirt

2010-07-26 18:51:00   Sheldon is one of the best mechanics i know and provides excellent service to all of his clients! —rjpatel

2010-07-31 21:38:18   Sheldon is one of the only people I trust with my bikes, and with this new shop open Davis's bike-goers will have an affordable place to go for repairs. Plus, no one knows a mountain-bike like Shel, so if you need mountain-bike help don't think twice, just head straight to Blisworks. —Deuces

2010-08-24 15:40:56   Sheldon has been in the bike business his whole life and has always been able to help me fix any bike problems I've had over the years. He knows about all kinds of bikes. Not only does he know bikes, but he's a great resource for information about the sport of biking. I will recommend him to anyone needing bike repairs! —Deej

(Deej and GregArch are roommates; removing sock-puppet warning.)

2010-08-27 22:32:42   If my bike was my life, I would only trust Sheldon with it. Fantastic service, great atmosphere, quality bikes, parts, repairs, and prices, and it's all under one roof. —GregArch

2010-08-31 08:35:34   Great little shop, great service. I took my bike in for a tune-up. He did it for $45 — $20 less than Ken's and now it works great. I'd recommend Blisworks if you need bike repairs. —MargeMatoba

2010-09-18 18:27:52   Great little shop for this side of Davis. The owner is a super nice guy and performs awesome service at great rates. A+ shop in my book. —103

2010-10-03 04:53:09   nobody knows bikes like.....THE DUN!!!! —bobbygebhardt

2010-10-03 19:03:19   Cant wait to come see you... wish I'd realized sooner! Lived in Cleveland Park from 91 - 93 and walked/biked from there to Adams Morgan and back many a night! —LibbyMiller

2010-10-05 13:00:11   stop on by Libby, would love to talk about DC with you... —Sheldon

2011-03-21 12:05:32   We recently needed a couple of new bikes and Sheldon helped navigate the various styles and models to find the bikes that were best for us. He wanted us to be happy as long term customers and wasn't just looking for the quick sale. We love our bikes and highly recommend Blisworks to anyone looking to buy a bike or getting one repaired. Definitely check them out. —dkco

2011-04-30 00:18:26   This guy is awesome. He rebuilt the tires to my Cannondale road bike for a lot less than the other guys. I would highly recommend this guy to anybody in Davis. He made sure everything was alrite with my bike when I got it back. He even fixed some things the last mechanic messed up. He was real honest too. I actually made a mistake and was going to overpay, but then he corrected me and gave me back the extra money. This is my new bike mechanic as long as I am in Davis or anywhere close. —Lu

2011-05-23 18:56:00   I have lived in Davis for almost 10 years and I have been a customer at many different bike shops. Blisworks is by far the best bike shop in town. I bought a bike here, have gone here for parts, and had my bikes serviced here. The guy who runs it is approachable, friendly, extremely knowledgeable about bikes, and a very honest businessman. —TomShapland

2011-05-27 09:51:09   The "DUNN" has Dunn did it again, You can not go wrong with this guy. he's a bike NINJA and not even Chuck Norris could out wrench this guy. I once saw him true a wheel with his mind, no joke. Simply amazing. —tonycoppi

2011-06-20 16:23:22   Sheldon is one of the most knowledgeable and friendly bike mechanics I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He was a huge help in getting my bike properly adjusted so that I could enjoy my commute to work in Dixon. He was a wealth of information, and gave me the confidence get out and bike. Blisworks is the only place that I will be going for maintenance on my bike. Thanks Shell! —WillFennie

2011-08-01 20:14:37   Walked into Blisworks on a whim and was happy to see Sheldon there. I knew him from Ken's and he was the only guy I'd trust working on my road bike. Sheldon's a crack mechanic, honest and low-key - I'd highly recommend the shop to anyone. —MichaelDeNardi

2011-08-27 08:31:31   We bought a new Kona Africabike 3 from Sheldon when we first arrived in Davis. The whole bike thing was intimidating to us as we haven't had bikes in years, and we were coming to Davis from out of state. Sheldon was approachable, wasn't pushy, and he worked with us to find the exactly right bike for our needs. Thanks, Sheldon and happy riding! —DrewRoss

2012-01-02 08:23:03   Needed a solid rear tire for a New Year's Day ride down Mr. Toad's. Called usual shops in town but no one had more than a basic cross country tire. Called Sheldon on a whim and even though the shop was closed for the holiday, he opened the shop up for me and had several all mountain tires available. Bought a maxxis minion at a fair price. Good to have a real mountain bike shop in town that also gives great service. Had a great ride on Toads as a result, even though there was a little snow at the top. —EliMakus

2012-04-21 16:36:31   We completely overhauled an old bike at this shop and the owner did an excellent job at the most competitive price in town. He also gave us great advice about purchasing bikes for our kids. Instead of getting a quick sale, he encouraged us to wait for the best bike to come in. We're heading back to get it soon! —KarenV

2012-05-26 15:15:02   Old knees giving me a hard time on my old bike. Sheldon (owner) found me a new light-weight bike that fit me perfectly — no more knee pain — and the very reasonable price didn't hurt either. Nice shop! —JessicaKelly

2013-06-02 22:16:58   Not only have I always gotten excellent service from Sheldon, he also helped me jack up my car to try to retrieve my cat, who had climbed up into my engine after escaping from his cat carrier outside the veterinary clinic. (Couldn't get him to climb back down, so Sheldon helped me remove parts of my engine so we could get at the cat from above.) All of this after I knocked on his door AFTER the close of business! I can't thank or recommend him highly enough! —CathyYoung

2013-11-19 22:18:28   Blisworks has great service. I don't know how their prices compare because it's the only bike shop I use, but their service is fast and the employees are kind and honest. Worth going to!


2014-11-03 09:16:48   This is a GREAT bike shop. Sheldon and all of his employees were great to deal with and didn't make me feel bad for a lack of knowledge about bikes. Ended up buying a bike here and love it! Check them out! —KarenAnne

2017-01-02 20:26:11   Went here a couple of months ago to get new tires for my daughters bike. Buy local, support the little guy, right? Went to fix a flat today and found they had used the wrong size tube (too big) and just stuffed it all inside the tire. Guess what, it failed! Last time I take a bike to them! —DavidP

*Sorry there was a problem with your tube, If we make a mistake we will always work to fix it if you let us know.


2018-09-24 22:59:27   They had a great selection of tools and parts. Nice shop owner. Happy I found this store. —ToddGlenn