Brian McInnis was the first Director of the ASUCD Office of External Affairs(the office created through the integration of ASUCD State/National Affairs, ASUCD City/County Affairs, and ASUCD Lobby Corps). He is also a brother in Sigma Phi Epsilon and a member of Sword and Sandals.

Highlights of his administration of the Office of External Affairs included a so-called "open closed session", in which the ASUCD Senate asked him many questions in order to ascertain if he was actually doing anything. As it turned out, he was doing some stuff for the office and just not telling anyone what he was up to.

McInnis also oversaw ASUCD Housing Day 2005 in Freeborn Hall.

In 2005 he won the Strauss Scholarship ($30,000) which allowed him to work on creating a system for online voter registration. The project has become a state assembly bill, AB 2191 which would create a pilot program at UCD to let staff, faculty and all students register to vote through the Univeristies website. The bill was introduced by Assembly member Lois Wolk.

McInnis was one of the best self-promoters in ASUCD, though he isn't around the third floor much anymore. He has connections to Ruth Admundson's reelection campaign and to local politico Norb Kumagai.


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