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The College of Engineering offers rigorous majors for students to major in. Expect a course load of about 180 units for any engineering major (compared to half, or even less than half, required for some liberal arts majors). Hence, some people would consider any student pursuing an engineering major to be destined for at least 4 years of hard work with little to no social life outside of geeky classmates. Of course, if they're willing to dedicate 4+ years of their lives to it, it can't be all that bad. Besides, the result of attaining an engineering degree can often lead to a nice, high paying job.

UC Davis has 11ABET accredited engineering programs, more than any other UC campus. A bachelor engineering degree from an ABET accredited program is necessary to sit for the EIT exam in the state of California, a prerequisite for a professional engineering license. Some programs aren't ABET accredited just yet, but that's probably being worked on.

 The CoE became independent from Berkeley in 1962 and is currently ranked #31 in the United States by US News &World Report as of 2020. Within the department, two programs rank within the top 15 for undergraduate programs: Biological Systems Engineering at #3 and Civil Engineering at #11. Three graduate programs also rank in the top 15: Biological Systems Engineering at #7, Civil Engineering at #12, and Environmental Engineering at #13.

Changing Majors

UC Davis' College of Engineering is well known for its openness towards students who wish to pursue engineering. Unlike other UC campuses, which have strict rules in place to prevent students from changing majors, Davis guarantees students a spot in engineering. However, this guarantee is contingent on the completion of several prerequisite courses and a minimum GPA. The official requirements are posted at http://engineering.ucdavis.edu/undergraduate/advising/answers.html#a1. Once you meet those requirements, it's a simple matter of filling out your Change of Major form, turning it into 1050 Kemper Hall and waiting for the official confirmation from the Dean of Engineering (usually takes around 2-3 days).

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The college of engineering maintains an average GPA of around 3.0 across all majors. As of 2019, the average GPA was 3.09. The GPAs per major are shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Average GPA Per Engineering Major

Major GPA Number of Students
Aerospace Science and Engineering 3.068 321
Biochemical Engineering 2.948 88
Biomedical Engineering 3.206 424
Biological Systems Engineering 2.958 157
Civil Engineering 3.054 528
Chemical Engineering 3.032 443
Computer Engineering 2.998 292
Computer Science and Engineering 3.185 326
Electrical Engineering 3.05 489
Environmental Engineering 3.262 83
Material Science and Engineering 2.879 141
Mechanical Engineering 3.188 681
Weighted Average 3.09  

Program Rankings

The College of Engineering has many nationally ranked programs according to US News & World Report. While the college itself seats itself at #31 in the nation, the programs themselves vary in national ranking from #3 to # 37. All of the programs are seated within the top 40.

  • Aerospace science and engineering – ranked 29 (tie)
  • Biological systems engineering – ranked 3 (tie)
  • Biomedical engineering – ranked 24 (tie)
  • Chemical engineering – ranked 29 (tie)
  • Civil engineering – ranked 11 (tie)
  • Computer engineering – ranked 34 (tie)
  • Electrical engineering – ranked 35 (tie)
  • Environmental engineering – ranked 14 (tie)
  • Materials science and engineering – ranked 26 (tie)
  • Mechanical engineering – ranked 37 (tie)

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