This is the Mascot of UCDavis. While the sports teams are Aggies the mascot of the university is the Mustang. However, in the last few decades its visibility had flagged except with older alumni and Band-uh members since they were the only one who knew the lyrics to Aggie Fight. A part of the Freshman welcome packet in 1992, a glossary of common Davis terms listed Mustang as:

Mustang: The official mascot of UC Davis, this is the only place you will ever see this mentioned again.

It was to the point that in 1993 and 1997 the students voted to change the mascot to another animal more commonly associated with UC Davis, the cow. The cow's name is Bossy Cow Cow. However, they were referendum votes in an ASUCD election, so it had no official power and didn't amount to much, except for a flood of rants to the editor of The California Aggie by older alumni and/or Band-uh members.

Mascot Choice
Votes (1993 AD)
Aggie (farmer)

* In all cases, the teams would still be called the "Aggies"

However, the 1997 vote helped contribute to the University looking at its branding and imaging, which revived the Mustang in the new, updated Aggie Logo in 1999, and it has been all over campus ever since.

The student body again voted in favor of having the cow be the mascot in elections in 2022. This "MOOvement" (a term coined by the campaign) was popularized by the "Cow4Mascot" campaign. They even gained the support of  US Congress member John Garamendi. It is yet to be seen if the referendum will be acted upon by admin.

Congress member John Garamendi endorses Cow4Mascot



At sporting events, the Mustang is represented by Gunrock.