The Marketplace
Connected to Peet's Coffee
1411 W. Covell Blvd. , Suite 114 A
Monday-Friday 5:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday: 5:30 am - 3:00 pm
Sunday: 6:00 am - 3:00 pm
*Times may vary on holidays
Closed Christmas Day
(530) 750-5163
Catering Department

Noah's Bagels, located in the Marketplace, is a neighborhood deli that serves award winning bagels, artisan breads, home-style soups, signature sandwiches and tasty sweets. On Fridays, they also have freshly baked Challah loaves. The employees are friendly and typically comprised of college students.

The bagels here are baked fresh daily (the bagels are thrown out at end-of-day) Noahs will, at times, donate their day-old-bagels to charities if requested of the manager. Bagels are also made-to-order on the spot. It takes an hour to make a bagel, so allow leeway for that if requesting just out of the oven bagels for an order. On weekend mornings Noah's is usually very busy and the line extends to the door, but it moves so quickly that you are in and out quickly. One can even call in and pre-order their dozen or a meal such as a sandwich or breakfast bagel so they can skip the long order line and just walk in and pay for and pick up their food at the register.

There is ample seating at Noah's. Inside is counter seating and well as the large patio outside. Many patrons sit outside to enjoy the day, read the newspaper, like the Sac Bee, or just relax and enjoy the good food and friends. Noah's is "dog friendly" as well. They offer bowls of water to the their furry friends and they also carry Doggie bagels, made especially with your canine in mind. The posts outside the store have metal latches to secure dog leashes for owner who wish to come inside. Everyone deserves a treat when they visit Noah's. Like every Noah's Bagels, photographs from turn of the century New York line the walls.

Original Bagel (Whole Wheat or Plain): $1.05 Bagel Thins (Whole Wheat, Plain or Everything): $1.05 Signature Bagels: $1.15 Small Challah Roll or Gourmet Bagel: $1.80 Bakers Dozens (13 bagels per dozen): 1/2 dozen-$6.00 , regular dozen-$10.00, dozen with two cream cheeses(shmears)-$14.50. An individual container of shmear are $3.29 (plain), $3.49 (flavoured), or $3.99 (lox), however if you purchase 'bulk bagels' (6 or more) the price drops to $2.50 per tub, no matter what flavour. (prices current as of 5/2/12)

Bagel Flavors
Whole Wheat
Chocolate Chip
Cinnamon Raisin
Cracked Peppercorn
Good Egg
Poppy Dip'd
Super Onion
Whole Wheat Sesame
Whole Wheat Good Grains
Schmear Flavors
Light Plain
Garden Veggie
Garlic Herb
Honey Almond
Onion and Chive
Smoked Salmon
Jalapeno Salsa
Sun Dried Tomato
Gourmet Bagels
Cheddar Jalapeño
Tomato Roasted Red pepper with Pesto
Six Cheese on onion bagel dough
Garlic Spinach and Swiss
Dutch Apple Crunch

They have an extensive menu of toppings which includes: smoked salmon (1 oz piece of lox), turkey, ham, roast beef, pastrami, corned beef, capers, lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, sprouts, cheese, cucumbers, pickles, and many more.

They feature sweets baked daily: Blueberry muffins, Strawberry white chocolate muffins, *LTO muffins, cinnamon walnut strudels, cinnamon twists, "Heavenly Chocolate Chip Cookies", snickerdoodle cookies, mudslide cookies, and three flavors of coffee cakes (blueberry, apple-cinnamon, and chocolate chip).

Egg mits (turkey sausage, spinach and swiss, bacon-cheddar, plain egg, lox, or with just egg) are enormous breakfast sandwiches on a bagel of your choice. They are very filling and served all day. *the egg also can be substituted for egg whites for the more health-conscientious among us. Their breakfast wrap, the Sante Fe, weighs over a pound! They also offer soups, sandwiches, salads and pizza bagels which are incredible. They are made to order and also come with a pickle and a side of either fruit salad, chips, potato salad, or cole slaw— talk about a complete meal (and very filling).

Bottomless coffee
Grammercy : A medium bodied Decaf that is dark roasted with smoky flavors.
Chelsea : A lightly roasted coffee, flavored with vanilla and hazelnut.
Midtown : Their Signature Blend ... A well-balanced mellow blend.
Soho : A "coffee lover's coffee ". Dark gusty blend of Sumatra, Guatemalan, Brazilian and Columbian beans.
Limited Time Offering, Changes Seasonally.

Noah's also has Catering "Nosh Boxes". These are perfect for breakfast or lunch. You can get a variety of bagels and shmears, sandwiches, salads and pastries. They also deliver for a nominal fee.

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They also sell a selection of coffees. (Though why one would choose to drink this coffee over Peet's is beyond me.) - =|

My favorite is the group picture of a NY women's sport team. They just have this amused look on their faces, as if the photographer was having trouble getting them to stop laughing. - =)

I just went to Noah's and tried their Reuben ... yummy! —SS

2006-03-06 16:20:42   I really think that Noah’s has gone downhill in the last couple years. In the last 3 or 4 visits, I can’t think of one that has been completely accurate. The wrong creamcheese, forgetting the lox, not doing any toasting

The staff is always friendly, but they don’t seem to receive nearly enough training, and there seems to be a high rate of turnover. I can’t count the number of different prices they’ve tried to charge us for a bagel with lox and cream cheese. They’ve recently introduced an expanded sandwich line, which seems to push the staff to their limits and create even longer lines. They have tasty bagels, but I think my fiancé and I are going to try other places for awhile, since we’re tired of being disappointed. —MattCzarnowski

2006-03-06 16:30:33   Yeah I've been disappointed by Noah's ever since they got rid of their four cheese grilled cheese bagel. Was one of the greatest sandwiches in the history of the sandwich. —ZacMorris

2006-04-08 19:46:14   I love bagels! Tony was so very helpful! yay! —VeronicaVillegas.

2006-04-20 02:10:54   This is a revelation, I didn't know that there was a Noah's in Davis. Excellent! —TusharRawat

2006-06-16 12:05:16   I second the going downhill comment. When they did all their expanded sandwiches they took the smoked whitefish salad off the Menu. Le Boo. Bagels are decent, I like mine with lox creamcheese, tomato and onion. Avoid their "Egg Mits" They microwave the egg till its flavoless and has an awfull texture. —CharlesGeorge

2006-09-28 17:23:10   Gone downhill? Wait, you hear that? Whaaaaaaaaa!!!! Oh that was the whambulence, haters. This place has tasted the same until high school, ITS BAGELS. Oh, the jalapeno salsa schmear, actually pretty yummy. —SteveBlais

2006-09-28 17:24:35   Since high school, sorry I'm tired stayed up late to study for a midterm. —SteveBlais

2006-11-08 20:49:22   bagels are good. but if your have ever been to 52nd street bagel in so cal, its much better because theyre more flavorful —AnnThiNguyen

  • You posted this two years ago, I realize, but still, who cares what the bagels in so cal are like seeing as they aren't an option for anyone who reads this wiki.
  • He's using it as a reference just in case anyone who reads this wiki is from Southern California, such as myself. And yes, I do care, so shut your mouth, stop being such a smartass.
  • Their goal wasn't to describe the quality of noah's bagels, it was to complain about bagels in Davis not being as wonderful as in So Cal. That's not the intent of this particular wiki page. I wasn't being a smartass, i was questioning the relevance of their post. Also, "shut my mouth"..? wow, you really take bagel defense personally.
  • Uhm, another question, I am from "soCal" which fifty second street do you mean? ~DP
  • Wegman's Marco Polo bagels are also great. Upstate New York and Central PA. Wonderful. There's also a couple really good Jewish delis in South Florida that make really tasty ones. It's a bitch of a morning drive from Davis, though.

2007-12-15 17:07:17   The staff there is very friendly. The service is quick; even when there's a line out the door, I don't wait for more than 10 minutes. The spinach, egg and bacon panini is delicious —drpottsiv

2008-01-17 21:52:35   yumm!! even the plain bagel with just plain cream cheese is awesome...never to sweet or too heavy like others... —SimplyIncognito

2008-11-09 14:16:08   "Noah's doesn't sell bagels, they sell bagel shaped bread." There was a great SNR article a year ago, a blind taste test which Noah's almost unanimously lost (against local Sacramento area bagel shops). Bagels are supposed to be boiled and then baked - dense and chewy. Noah's differs greatly in method (not boiled! either steamed or steam treated or use steam-ovens or some such thing) to get'em lighter and fluffier, and I think I've read about using some sort of oil to help keep'em from being dry. Quite a difference! I'm surprised no one commented about that over the years. I ate here reasonably frequently when I lived in North and West Davis, but please people: be sure to try real bagels at other places! I'm sure JW knows what I'm talking about. —EdWins

2009-03-03 13:51:30   SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I recently had a BAD customer service experience at Noah's. READ THIS STORY AND BOYCOTT NOAH'S FOR SHITTY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the employees handed me the wrong bagel, and i was holding it in my hand as I paid. (Which is fine, ok, people make mistakes)...

When I got back to my office I noticed that it was the wrong bagel with smear i was allergic to. So I had to go BACK to Noah's to get the RIGHT bagel, in the rain, got soaking wet, and it took about a half hour to drive back, find parking, wait for the bagel that they said would be ready when I got there but it wasn't... all the meanwhile I'm on a deadline at work which has now passed... (Which is also fine, shit happens).... But all this....


First, he accused me of "grabbing the wrong bagel" even though he HANDED it to me and saw me HOLDING the bagel while I was paying for it. He basically called me stupid for not noticing it was not mine, even though it was in the bag already at that time ("It SAID Vikki on it, not your name... not my fault!"). If that wasn't RUDE ENOUGH!!!!!! he noticed my angst as I was waiting for the bagel and missing my work deadline and said "dude, don't you work like, down the street?" What an ass. I NEVER make rude comments on wiki, but when it comes to treating people, especially CUSTOMERS with respect, that irks me.

I work in customer service, and you should always treat that person with at LEAST respect, if not like royalty. GET A CLUE, NOAH EMPLOYEE! Never going there again. —Squeekyclean

  • I'm not a big fan of Noah's either, but I think your anger is misdirected here. "Boycott Noah's for shitty customer service"? More like, "There's one Noah's employee who is an asshole." I know you probably wrote your comment so you could vent somewhere, but you should probably complain to the management and describe the employee or get his name. Now, if management does nothing about the problem, then you do have a valid grudge against that particular Noah's. —KellyM

2009-03-04 19:11:34   No, I'm upset at Noah's for not training their staff to be professional. So, I still hold my comment to be valid. I'm very passionate about great customer service so bad service is a peeve. If Noah's does not train their staff on the importance of customer service, then they suck and people should not go there! —Squeekyclean

2009-06-06 06:58:46   I just got a bowl of chicken noodle soup and a bagel and the soup was BAD! I called them and they said I can get a refund or they would give me a fresh bowl (it wasn't even fresh, i saw them microwave it). I went back to get my refund, they didn't even apologize. NOTHING. —AngelaJ

2009-07-30 09:19:10   I've now had two equally horrendous experiences at this joint and my wife and I both decided we're never going back. Both times I've gone, I've had to wait 20 minutes-plus for a bagel people, not a bagel with anything special - just a "smear" or whatever they call it. Also, both times, the person taking the order recognized someone in line behind me and made a B-line to take their order before mine. Finally, this last time, after waiting like I said for more than 20 minutes, I see a guy place an order on the counter, but not call anyone's name. I assumed maybe the order wasn't finished. He was going to put more up there, or whatever, anyway, they call your name when your order's ready. This time, he placed the order on the counter, looked around sheepishly, and just walked back to do his slow-paced work. After it sat up there for five minutes getting cold, I walked up and saw that it was my order. To add insult to injury, the coffee tastes like slightly darkened water. No wonder they give you bottomless coffee. You'd have to drink an entire batch to get the buzz you get from a cup from anywhere else. I tried two different blends, thinking the first was just a fluke, and it was still horrible.

I think the only reason so many people go there is it's the only breakfast joint on that end of Davis. BTW: I grew up in Philly and New York, and these things, I don't know what you call them, but "bagel" is a charitable word at best. More like "chewy-bread with a hole in the middle." The only positive I give is the strawberry smear, which is delicious no doubt. I rarely leave such a negative comment but I'm just so disappointed in a place that tries to come off as some New York delicatessen when they know and I know, this place has a long way to go to meet those standards.

In NYC, they know that smiling and making small talk is no substitute for good food and timely service. —condemned2bfree

2009-10-09 10:00:55   I really don't get why every one is so upset with Noah's. Its a freaking bagel chain not a three star michelin. We don't complain about the quality of the meat at McDonald's because we know its crap and its supposed to be. We don't cry about how bad the service is at Carl's Junior because we know that they get paid nothing to do demeaning work. I mean seriously... "I'm from New York and blah blah blah..." "They made we miss my work deadline blah blah blah..." "Bagels are supposed to be boiled not steamed blah..." you get the point. I guess I just want to clarify to those who are reading this and aren't familiar with Noah's; ITS A CHAIN don't expect anything more than what you would get at any other corporate eatery. If you want quality and kindness support small business. —swiftling

2009-11-19 23:38:29   I'm addicted to their bagels with LOX and cream Cheese. OMG their lox is so amazing. —BryceH

2009-11-24 20:42:50   THE BEST COFFEE IN DAVIS! I wish they would sell their "Chelsea" coffee beans to the public. OHH and in regards to people saying they have bad service? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? GO TO a Chinese Restaurant and see how they treat people there.—JSlice

2010-01-29 16:15:14   Taste is taste, so if you've eaten here and liked it more power to you, however if you are wondering if they make true bagels by boiling then baking them the answer is no. You can get a nice "roll with a hole" at Noahs, (it tastes just like the one you'd get at Safeway, BTW) but if you've had actual bagels, you'll be disappointed as I was. —rfrazier

2010-03-26 11:05:55   Please bring back the sun-dried tomatoes bagel! Apparently those are discontinued. It's the best. What happened? —LeeY

2010-04-30 16:37:43   I wouldn't know where else to get my bagels. Filling enough to make it to lunch, plain or shmeared. —sjpacheco

2010-04-30 17:51:47   I agree with LeeY, I always got sundried tomato bagels there but now they are discontinued. The sundried tomato cream cheese just doesn't do it for me (if they even have that anymore). —JenniferCook

2010-05-02 09:42:57   I love Noah's Veg Out sandwich but they consistently mess up my order in one form or another. Just be sure to double check your order. —EmmyMelton

2010-05-09 14:28:09   Visiting Salt Lake City, I went with my sister to Einstein Bagel and was surprised to see that they have gluten-free bagels! As I am a Celiac, I decided to try one. Very, very tasty! And since Einstein's and Noah's are the "same," I am wondering if anyone has spotted gluten-free bagels at this location. —nataliesadler

2010-11-08 09:45:02   I was hungry,counting on a tasty bagles...but a very bad customer service...i ask for toasted bagle and....they didnt toast my bagle and also gave me a wrong bagle...fresh tomato was miss...looool..i have paid almost $8.00 for breakfast...very young team with no experience...i am not happy.... —amirhero

2010-11-17 21:19:34   I have always loved Noah's, BUT was severely disappointed to discover last week (via Nutrition Info on Noah's website) that almost all, if not 100% of their bagels, have HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP... buyers, beware!! I'm writing the company now to let them know; hoping enough people will do so and they'll offer bagels without it. —lalamusic

2010-12-30 05:07:35   Poor management. Staff is not provided the proper resources to do their jobs well, to do their jobs as is instructed by the training videos. I'm under the impression that this has to do with minimizing costs. Employees are not paid well and can't really hope for raises, even after years of working there. It's a pretty terrible place to work and there are better places to spend your money in Davis... but if you're desperate for work, there really is a high turn over. Walk in with a big smile and a modest resume. If you can't speak with the manager, come back when she's there. And go back frequently. —Janny

2011-01-12 10:20:53   My better half and I are regulars at Noah's. The food is usually very tasty and prepared rapidly and we do enjoy it. Today, however, we came across the first slight snag. We ordered sweet bagels (blueberry and cinnamon raisin) and, once we bit into them, we were greeted with a mouthful of onion and garlic vapor. The bagels certainly looked like blueberry and cinnamon raisin. We exchanged and the replacements (untreated - just plain) suffered the same problem. It could be that they are blind-testing a new cinnamon-garlic-onion bagel and if so I'm not a fan. I just hope they haven't decided to bake sweet and savory together. —Mazzle

2011-02-05 21:25:52   pumpernickle bagels with a smattering of cream cheese or jam paired with a cup of your favorite coffee will put you a bit closer toward eternal contentment. —blastoff

2011-05-14 17:12:20   It tastes good but in my opinion its too expensive. I pay like $5 for a bagel sandwich and eat it in about 2 minutes and i'm still hungry after. —rachealgalante

2011-07-27 09:06:14   Like another poster already noted, this places uses HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP in their bagels...pretty much defeating the purpose of being a healthy alternative to traditional fast foods restaurants! —JohnVanderMolen

2011-07-28 16:02:28   Maybe I don't buy bagels enough to understand the process, but I feel this is a terrible inefficient food service business. I came in to pick up a single bagel for my wife, with nothing done to it, and I had to wait in a line (expected) and then was given my bagel. I then had to wait in another line, at the other end of the store, by the same person, who just moved to the other "register"... While I was "paying" they were taking time to make the 3 people in front of me their bigger orders.... I don't really understand the double line thing? Can't I just pay at the same time I give my order? Isn't that the logical way? All I know is I had to wait over 10 minutes to get a single bagel with nothing done to it, however, I got to hold the bagel (which I didn't own yet) within the first 2 minutes?!?! From now on, I'll just have my wife get her own bagels... Hear that Noah's? You're destroying chivalry. —elliottPollard

  • I haven't been to Noah's in awhile, but they used to have a line for those who are only getting bagels. Admittedly, I think that most of those people were buying a half dozen or a dozen bagels, but I'm sure the same rule would apply for just one bagel. So, either they took that line away, or you just didn't see it. —CovertProfessor
    • Yeah, one of the other customers in line kinda "glared" at me because I wasn't behind the rest of the line. So moved to the back and figured they know best, because they go there more .... —elliottPollard
      • Nah, the sandwich people don't really understand the bagel people. But going to a bagel store just to buy bagels is an old and proud tradition that supersedes the bagel-as-sandwich movement. Next time, I'd just ignore the glare. —cp

2011-09-14 06:14:12   Noah's wasn't in Davis when I went to school there but I discovered it (and Peet's) when I went to grad school at Cal. I instantly loved the bagels far more than the tougher traditional bagel. After finishing up I move to SoCal and it took some time but they finally have a shop in La Jolla (actually called Einsteins Bagels, same company same product) and I love it. I remember when there was only one Noah's and one Peet's coffee and people would happily stand in line at both places. Now, as a matter of fact I serve Noah's/Einsteins bagels and Peet's coffee at our weekly lab meetings and everyone is now addicted! —PaulWilliamDiaz

2011-10-01 01:27:03   I think that some of the feedback posted is rather inaccurate. First, Noah's and Einsteins are not the same company. They were however started by the same person who sold "Noah's" and ten started Einsteins. You would think that creating one bagel business that doesn't actually make traditional bagels would be enough for anyone. Real bagels are boiled and then baked. They are super soft on the inside and a little bit chewy on the outside. They probably don't maintain there texture as long as the fake kind. If you think it doesn't matter than try microwaving your bread rather than baking it just to see how big a difference process makes. Might as well roll up wonder bread and roll it into a circle and call that a bagel or cut a round pier of cake cut a hole into it and call it a donut. Lies are lies. But if you like it then you are no different then the many who think that high fructose corn sweetener tastes. And there are upsides to having unrefined tastebuds and lower bills! —RudiJ

2012-04-03 11:43:53   This place is tasty but I can't figure out their prices. Love their garlic-herb spread, but why does it cost an extra $1.50 to get spread on a bagel, and why is that not noted on the menu? Also, their potato salad is delicious (I normally don't even like potato salad), but I'm always charged a different amount when I get it, from $1 to $2.50. I would also recommend they get more vegetarian sandwich options. —MeggoWaffle

2012-05-05 08:38:39   You know, the food doesn't taste terrible. Not worth a long line, but decent. However, my wife likes toasted bagels with cream cheese, lox, and capers, and they can't do it right. They charge for the capers, and don't put them on the bagel. This has happened 4 out of 5 times over the past year-and-a-half (I learned my lesson, and babysit the employee while they make the bagel, and check it before I leave). —EricWecker

2012-12-18 08:38:01   The best breakfast bagel sandwiches in Davis! I see to it that I come here whenever I come back home!! —EmThornhill

2014-08-03 12:22:00   The last three times I have been to Noah's I have waited over 30 minutes for small orders. I worked at a similar bagel store for years and know what efficiency looks like. This place needs to figure out a better system. The employees are nice but much to slow and reliant on the order displays. Also, if you are going to have an order here sign then follow it. Nobody knew where to go. —[Anonymous]

2016-08-28 11:59:29   I love the poppyseed bagels! I waited in line every Sunday this summer for them. Six times in a row, they were out of poppyseed, right when I got to the counter after waiting in line for half an hour. PLEASE make some more poppyseed bagels on Sunday mornings! Also: I really like the Chelsea hazelnut coffee. It's usually OUT when I go to pour my ONLY COFFEE all week! I am willing to wait for the coffee. They told me I have to come another day or order by phone to get POPPYSEED BAGELS! —Gad