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Save Our Station KDRT

KDRT, a local low-power radio station (101.5 FM) is facing loss of its frequency. Recently enacted FCC regulations make it easier for full-power stations to relocate, resulting in a commercial station’s plans to move from Yuba County to Woodland. According to station organizers, the move could force KDRT off the air and will entail a complicated process of petitioning the FCC for another frequency. “At a minimum, we believe we are looking at $15-20k in legal and engineering fees to fight this,” said Jeff Shaw, KDRT station director. ”KDRT’s entire budget is less than $25k per year. We’re truly a grassroots station.” Community businesses and volunteers have stepped up to begin fundraising.

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KDRT is a project of Davis Media Access (DMA), which also operates public access channel 15 on the Comcast cable system in Davis. KDRT is largely volunteer driven, and community supporters are stepping up to drive this campaign, said Diane Crumley, a DMA board member and co-chair of SAVE KDRT.

“We’ve had emergency meetings with programmers to organize, and they are excited about finding creative ways to get the message out and raise money,” Crumley said. “The larger community’s response to this been amazing. People are incensed and eager to help.”

Crumley also said that fundraising efforts are under way. The Davis Food Co-op, a business underwriter for KDRT since 2004, launched a donation campaign at its registers. A flyer describes the situation and encourages shoppers to donate to the radio station’s legal and engineering costs. The Co-op has pledged up to $1k in matching funds.

KDRT programmer and local promoter Brendan Boyle organized a benefit concert for Sunday, April 8, 2007 at the Delta of Venus in Davis. Local acts Ben Lewis, Patrick Ferris, Doug Kauffman, Chief Briggum, Ol’ Snakey’s Bluejass Ramblers, G2 and Katie Delwiche performed. The event was free, but the musicians and Delta of Venus staff donated all tips that evening to KDRT. More information and a schedule is available at www.kdrt.org.

Crumley added that volunteers will table at Farmer’s Market and Picnic Day, among other places, and will also launch a funding appeal in mid-April. All are welcome and encouraged to get involved.

“We are very grateful for our community’s support and hope to sustain this momentum,” Crumley said. “To lose this community resource would be unthinkable.”

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Show support for your community radio station at the following events, and grab yourself an SOS KDRT sticker!

* 6-4-2007: KDRT Jesse Drew, of Technocultural Studies, is sponsoring a Save KDRT event at the Varsity Theater on June 4th. He'll be showing a documentary about KPFA, and how it was started. Save the date! * KDRT will be tabling at every Farmer's Market, Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. * Check back for more!

Past Events

* 04-17-2007 6:30-7:30 pm: The Davis City Council issued a proclamation supporting media democracy and KDRT's efforts to stay on the air. Many Davis citizens were in attendance and responded with tumultuous applause to statements amde by the Council as well as comments from KDRT programmers, directors, and other members of the public. Jack Fritz, a representative of Results Radio that owns KMJE, was also in attendance and made a public statement. Read about it. * 04-08-2007 7:00-10:30 pm: Delta of Venus held a benefit concert for KDRT. Featured musicians were be Ben Lewis, Patrick Ferris, Doug Kauffman, Chief Briggum, Ol' Snakey's BlueJass Ramblers, G2, and Katie Delwiche. 100% of tips and donations given to artists went to KDRT. Thanks to Brendan Boyle for organizing and Delta of Venus for hosting, KDRT raised over $1,000 at this event!

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Feel free to add yourself or someone you know who supports KDRT in its hour of need. Seeing someone wearing an SOS KDRT sticker counts.


KDVS Davis Food Coop - Pick up a pledge ticket and donate $5, $10, or $25 to SOS KDRT with your grocery purchase. Varsity Theater

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