Add a captionSeann Johansson was a UCD student who majored in Technocultural Studies. He was very active in the music scene by proxy of KDVS where he was a DJ and did voices and sounds for KDVS Radio Theatre. Later, he held leadership positions at KDVS and appeared in various KDVS fundraiser videos. He started a solo avant garde/experimental/noise act in town called Mucky the Ducky which grew to be an ensemble act. He was a frequent wearer of the giant teddy bear suit and alternately, the little lion suit. He worked at the Davis Food Co-op for years. You might very likely have had a long conversation with Seann at some point--at the Robot Rocket Residence or on a street corner, for example--on account of his friendly, down-for-whatever, non-judgmental nature. You might have even seen him at the Dam Haus, where he lived for a while, or in a Jon Bafus music video.




Seann starring in a Jon Bafus music video directed by Gonzalo EyzaguirreSeann playing in Mucky the Ducky, wearing the little lion suitSeann at KDVS with KDViateS such as David Nguyen, Elisa Hough, and Craig Fergus



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