The walk of shame is the groggy walk one does, after waking up in someone else's bed after most likely having had sex with them. The walk which is done with bad hair, the same clothes from yesterday, and the occasional stare and giggle. Make sure to remember your underwear.

On the plus side, if you wear the same clothes out of laziness then your friends may think you have a lot of sex. Or not, depending on how poorly you smell.

Sometimes associated with the recent consumption of alcohol.


  • Arturo Garcia, an Aggie relationship columnist from 2003-2004, wrote an article about the walk of shame in his column Sex and the University
  • During 2006-11, local talk show host and Davis resident Jack Armstrong presented a series of updates regarding his new neighbors and the women leaving in the early morning hours. They often discussed how the walk of shame has changed over the years.