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The Game

The purpose of the game is to explore the diversity of Davis;cultural, physical and otherwise, by finding things from other places (countries). Something more tangible than say the Demographics of Davis. It's a variation on the Scavenger Hunt concept with a reliance on digital cameras, maps and critical thinking about why something you see should be categorized a certain way.

The Goal To learn about and teach each other about ourselves, our landscape, cultures and co-habitation on this wonderful town we call home. Hopefully all the information will get posted to the davis wiki or Geography Graduate Group website and will help others to discover something about town they didn't know.

Tools to Play


Consist of 4-5 players, with a minimum of 2 teams. Make sure to have at least a camera and map per team.

How to play

Original Flavor

Log as many different cultures present in Davis as represented by items unique or identifiable to those cultures.

Find something in Davis that comes (literally made somewhere else and brought here) from another culture/place in the world. Mark it on your map, take a digital picture (write the number on your map). You need at least 2 people from your team in the picture with the object. If you find a person have them write the name of the place in the native tongue of that place on your map (extra pt) At the end of the game we'll sit down over dinner and score all the entries, where there is debate on the scoring rubric, Judgment by consensus on the awarding of points. Note: A distinctly non-Chinese object manufactured in China does not count!, Something made by someone from another country here that is from their home culture, counts!


  • Item must be unique if another team has it too you earn no points.
  • An item and a person in the same picture is considered one entry, you get points for both the item and the person if either the item or person is a duplicate see line above. You can only get points for 1 item per culture/place. Hence there's an incentive for everyone to find the most obscure item possible and at the same time make sure to log some common ones so that no one else gets those points.
  • It can't be anything you own or you.
  • It has to be publicly accessible, hence a contribution to local culture.
  • It doesn't have to be publicly owned, just able to be seen (photographed) without visual aide.
  • Anything within the Davis city sphere of influence counts (As defined by the city of Davis), so North 1/2 way to Woodland, East to the Yolo Bypass, west until Dixon (Pedrick road), south to wherever we decide by consensus.

All point decision will be made by consensus at the end of game party!


Item Type
Point Value
Flag (National Identity)
Person from another place: permanent resident, student, or been here more than a year
Person from another place visiting: ie Tourist, migrant
Foreign Person marking your map in their native language
Small, temporary, moveable object
Permanent installation (Can't be moved by human power of your team)
For each additional team member in a picture
(Limit the number of people on the smallest team.)


How many days do you want to drag it out?

Version 2

This variant involves each team getting a theme and then taking pictures of anything and everything that fits within a theme specified at the start of the round. As opposed to the original version it's meant to be played fast and can easily be played over and over with new themes or new parts of town.


Find things related to a specified theme, take a picture, mark it on a map and explain it's relationship to your theme.

Theme ideas:

  • Indigenous
  • Unconventional Edible
  • Sustainable


To score a point you simply need to meet the following requirements

  • Each Item is unique on the list of items for your team's theme
  • You have a picture of the item
  • You can explain why the item fits your team's theme
  • You've marked where you took the photo on your map


1-2 hours including explanation of rules and scoring. So a very quick way to play.


Where did this idea come from? Inspired by the link on Payphone Project to payphone warriors a few members of the Geography Graduate Group schemed together a geography game to be played on the streets of davis

When was this played?

  • The initial game was played June 4-8th 2007, with a potluck Scoring Party on Friday June 8th.
  • Round 2 was played as an orientation for new students in the Geography Graduate Group after orientation on Tuesday September 23, 2008

Why is this on the wiki? In case someone else decides they want to try playing it. Who knows, it might become a grad group tradition.

Who came up with/played this? Members of the Geography Graduate Group

Proposed Alternative Variations

  • Find things made local
  • Find things representative of any culture (Including with the US)
  • More have been suggested and should be added here...


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This sounds pretty awesome, I would like to see it happen soonish so I could join, also the addition of photos to the wiki would be awesome. To note, this game could be expanded to other communities on wikispot as they develop, which is totally awesome. Why are flags worth zero? ~DavePoole

2007-06-05 22:42:46   The 1st run is actually being played right now, consider the Geography Graduate Group guinea pigs... it was actually created as a way to be more social amongst our peers. I made flags zero because I thought it was too easy and obvious, the intention is to find somewhat obscure things, everyone going around and getting flags would end up in zero points anyways since people would be sure to get the same ones a lot so it was better to just take if off. But feel free to play by modified rules. And yes we will post all our photos at the end of the game! —AlexMandel

2007-06-12 03:22:43   Round 1 is now over, I've got all the details an pictures any suggestions on page name and layout format? —AlexMandel