Parking is when you stop your vehicle in a place and hope it doesn't get towed or stolen.


Parking at UNT can suck.  There are many, constant complaints.  Apparently the demolition of historic Fry Street will have the small benefit of a new parking lot.

Park in the wrong spot and you'll get booted.

Fry Street

Night time on Fry Street is much easier to find a parking spot.  Customer parking at Voertman's won't get you towed, as long as you leave before morning.

Parking lots

Most parking lots outside of the universities are just around shopping malls.  And Wal-Mart.University Drive Mall

The parking lot for the mall on University Drive is like an endless desert.

There's a new parking lot being build on Fry Street.



Parking your bicycles is fairly easier in Denton.  There are quite a few bike racks.