Detail from a 1924 Sanborn Map, showing the first part of the Extension, and its continuation in red. The offset of the street crossing Church Street is still noticeable, though it is less so crossing Woodruff. The Church Street Extension, finished around 1930, continued Church Street, which had previously ended at Main Street, north to Bloomingdale Avenue. This required moving the Werle Town House from its location astride the road-to-be to a location along side the new section of street. The idea of the extension was controversial— some felt it was unnecessary, and some merchants felt threatened, seeing the project as providing a way for travelers to bypass their shops.

It was built in two sections. The 1924 Sanborn Map shows only the bridge across the Saranac River; the street ends at Woodruff Street.


"Werle Cottages provided fine food and active atmosphere for the sick", Adirondack Daily Enterprise, November 4, 1982.

Detail from the 1945 Sanborn Map

Looking north from the top of the Hotel Saranac over the northeast end of the Church Street Extension, c. 1980.  Photograph courtesy of Historic Saranac Lake/Leslie Hoffman.