Born: 11/15/1879

Died: 1/27/1966

Married: Doris C. Russ 10/19/1893—2/1/1988 (OB)

Children: (Doris) Elaine Russ Knox (2/6/1821 [sic: 1921]—4/21/1991); (perhaps also Billy?)

Frank H. Russ was a furrier. "F. H. Russ Furs" was the occupant of most note in the old, wooden building at 84 Main Street, which had been "formerly used as a post-office," and which was replaced by the brick building which is there today.

Frank Russ is remembered as a blunt and "cantankerous" man. He was one of the village's two long-time furriers, the other being Sam Edelberg. Both were in business for over half a century, throughout which the latter never considered the former competition and the former probably didn't care.

Russ's business was at 84 Main Street until 1922 when he moved to the Donaldson Block where he remained until the early 1960s. He lived at 81 Park Avenue, where his widow remained until the 1980s. After her death, Frank Russ's heavy-duty sewing machine was offered in a yard sale there.

Doris Elaine Russ of 81 Park Avenue is pictured in the 1938 Canaras as a graduating senior at Saranac Lake High School. The Russ family is buried in Harrietstown Cemetery.

A handsome boy named Billy Russ appears in a photo of Baldwin School students in June of 1924.


"The Indians were not the only ones to make the rounds of the camps [on St. Regis]. Russ used to bring furs around once a year before he had his store in Saranac."

From Mildred Phelps Stokes Hooker, Camp Chronicles (Blue Mountain Lake: Adirondack Museum, 1964), 9.