The Pietro Tanzini Cottage now bears an Olive Street address, but its original address was on a section of Hope Street that no longer exists.

South Hope Street ran from the west end of Neil Street south one block to Arnold Drive. On older maps, Hope Street is shown going across French Hill from Ampersand Avenue to Arnold Drive, and in 1928 it went as far south as Petrova Avenue; the section between Olive Street and Petrova was renamed South Hope Street after the Saranac Lake-Tupper Lake Highway was completed in 1958. The section from Petrova Ave to Olive Street was renamed to Canaras Avenue after 911 took effect. Hope now ends at Charles Street, and South Hope is now considered a continuation of Neil Street.

Old Address Post-911 Address Building Name Cure Evidence/Notes
6 South Hope Street   McDermitt Cottage DIS 1931
8 South Hope Street   Tony Anderson home  
10 South Hope Street   Clark Cottage DIS 1933
20 South Hope Street   Haselton Cottage DIS 1930
28 South Hope 3 Olive Street Pietro Tanzini Cottage  

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, February 13, 1957


On the combined recommendation of Police Chief William Wallace, Village Manager Frank Buck and Father Vernon Doe, chairman of a special citizens' committee, the allocation of South Hope street, between Olive and Neil, for kids' sledding was discontinued by the Saranac Lake Village Board at its regular meeting last night.

The recommendation was prompted by the fact that insufficient use was made of the hill. On one occasion, it was cited, six parents were on hand for supervision, and there were only four children using the slope.