Bushrod Park is one of the largest parks in North Oakland at 10.12 acres. Located between Shattuck Avenue and Racine Street to the east and west, and between 61st Street and 59th street to the north and south. Bushrod Park is home to Bushrod Recreation Center.

The park was established in 1903 through the donation of seven and a half acres of land by Dr. Bushrod Washington James, a resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. James had purchased the land about 1870 when he had a medical practice in Oakland. 2

In the 1910s it was used as a school playground and has had a long association with local baseball; baseball players such as Rickey Henderson, Frank Robinson, Billy Martin and Vada Pinson, all of whom played at Bushrod Park in their youth.

During the 1960s, the park was used as a practice field by the Oakland Raiders.

The baseball fields at the park are named for baseball player and manager Billy Martin:

photo by david

The tennis courts at the park are named for tennis legend Don Budge.


"On April 9, 2006, a giant block of ice fell from the sky and left a three-foot hole in the grass. The police declared the ice to be pure water — not from an airplane or toilet." 1

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