Noel Gallo (1959-present ), elected 2012

District 5


Contact Information:

[email protected]

Phone: 510-238-7005

Address: 1 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, 2nd Floor


Claudia Burgos: [email protected]
Phone: 510-238-7051

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Noel Gallo (photo from April, 2013 newsletterNoel Gallo was born in Texas but came to Oakland at age 5 and was raised in the Fruitvale District which he now represents. He attended Saint Elizabeth High School. Gallo graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a business degree. Gallo has four children.

Gallo has worked in the city as a staff member for former City Manager Robert Bobb



Political Positions

Campaign Sign in Oakmore Shop WindowNoel Gallo ran on and continues to emphasize a platform of public safety above all else. At City Council and committee meetings he frequently grandstands about the topic. His priorities are listed on his website.

Gallo was endorsed by Ignacio de la Fuente, previous councilman for D5, who left the district to run for the at-large seat (and lost). 

Gallo is not a fan of medicinal marijuana. He supports youth curfews and "stop and frisk." He abhors trash and graffiti and appears to be a fan of the "broken windows" theory. He can often be seen cleaning up either alone or with groups.

In August, 2013, "Stop and Frisk" was deemed unconstitutional. Noel Gallo was interviewed on The Take Away. (Gallo and other guest start at 3:36)

In October, 2013, Gallo was interviewed about Youth Curfews- he is introducing the legislation again in November. Listen here

Noel Gallo expressed his support for Head Start on April 2nd, 2013 at a special City Council Meeting about the budget. He also believes in the City Council holding themselves to a level of professionalism where they speak to their differences outside of Council meetings.


Graffiti Busters

Noel Gallo really doesn't like graffiti. In a recent (March, 2013) City Council meeting, he asked BART Director Rebecca Saltzman to do something about the graffiti on the BART pillars. His March 22nd newsletter introduces his new "graffiti busters" team:

As part of our ongoing efforts to have a CLEAN – SAFE CITY, my team and I have started weekly graffiti removal projects throughout District 5. Similar to our neighborhood service days, our graffiti team “GRAFFITI BUSTERS” will work throughout the district removing graffiti. Join us to remove unsightly graffiti from our streets. Tools will be provided. For more information contact Jose Ortiz at [email protected] or call the office at 238-7005.

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1992-2012: Oakland Unified School District Board (While on the board, Gallo clashed with Superintendent Tony Smith over the closure of schools.)

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