Harkins Slough Road starts at the bridge on the southern border of Ramsay Park and continues west for 1.7 miles where it runs into Harkins Slough wetland area. The road is closed at this area due to flooding. Harkins Slough Road continues on the other side of the Harkins Slough wetland area and joins Buena Vista Drive.


Part of Harkins Slough Road is closed due to flooding. Where Harkins Slough Road literally runs into Harkins Slough. Photo: Summer 2010.


While in the urban area of Watsonville there are bike lanes. As Harkins Slough Road crosses Highway 1 road conditions change. Bike lanes disappear but traffic is scarce.

Public Transportation



Fitz Wetlands Educational Resource Center

Major Intersections

South Green Valley Road @ Harkins Slough Road

Restaurants and Shopping

Shopping center on South Green Valley Road.



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