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Welcome to the Wiki Community page!

The Twin Cities LocalWiki is a collaborative, group project built to provide all sorts of interesting information about the Twin Cities area.  We welcome and encourage everyone to get involved with our wiki!  You can start by meeting some of Twin Cities Wiki members on our Facebook discussion group.  We also welcome any emails at [email protected]!


Volunteer Involvement

We cannot build this wiki alone, we need your help.  We appreciate anyone coming in and working on an article or upload a photo here or there, but we need people that are more involved.  The following are various ways you can become more involved.

  • Writer - A writer is someone that likes to write articles.  These people are key to expanding the wiki.
  • Editor - An editor cleans up articles and improves upon them.  This can range from fixing grammatical errors to adding more links within in article.
  • Marketing Developer - A marketing developer helps develop the strategy and materials used by the Wikivangelist.
  • Programmer - A programmer helps us improve the wiki technologically and helps us keep everything up and running.
  • Graphic Designer - Graphic designers help us develop our graphics, logos, and marketing materials.
  • Photographer - Photographers take pictures of cool things and adds them to wiki pages.
  • Wikivangelist - Wikivangelists believe strongly in the wiki and help promote it
  • and more! - If there are other ways you think you can help let us know.  We are always looking for people to help out!


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