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The Twin Cities Wiki is a collaborative, non-profit, community effort to build an information source about all things Twin Cities.  We seek to build a fun, interesting, and informative wiki that is chock full of cool information and images.

A wiki page can be about nearly anything related to the Twin Cities.  You can write about something in your town, your favorite place to hangout, an interesting tidbit of history, or you could even take pictures of interesting things around town and start a page about them.  This is a community, collaborative project meaning that the community can build it as they want.


Getting Started

So you want to get involved in the wiki?  We are glad you came by.  Below are some ways you can get further involved with the wiki.

  • Create an account - You can create an account before you edit a page if you wish. It is a really good idea to use your real name when signing up because it helps start the process of establishing identity here with other editors. For example, JohnSmith.
  • Practice creating and editing pages with the Twin Cities Wiki Sandbox.  You can add and edit text and images and more.
  • Create a page or edit a page.  Just type something into the Search/Create Page box in the upper right corner. And you can create or edit a page about the thing you searched for.
  • Help us develop the direction of the wiki. Let us know on our Facebook discussion group or shoot us an email at [email protected]. You can also let us know on our Comments, Ideas, Questions Page.
  • Invite your friends to help us develop the wiki (but not too many yet, we don't want the wiki to be too public while we are getting it off the ground).
  • Become one of the following:
    • Writer - A writer is someone that likes to write articles.  These people are key to expanding the wiki.
    • Editor - An editor cleans up articles and improves upon them.  This can range from fixing grammatical errors to adding more links within in article.
    • Marketing Developer - A marketing developer helps develop the strategy and materials used by the Wikivangelist.
    • Programmer - A programmer helps us improve the wiki technologically and helps us keep everything up and running.
    • Graphic Designer - Graphic designers help us develop our graphics, logos, and marketing materials.
    • Photographer - Photographers take pictures of cool things and adds them to wiki pages.
    • Wikivangelist - Wikivangelists believe strongly in the wiki and help promote it
    • and more! - If there are other ways you think you can help let us know.  We are always looking for people to help out!
  • Start creating some pages of interesting things by using the Search/Create Page box in the upper right corner.  Or send us an email at [email protected] and we can help get you up and running!
  • Reach out to us!  Even if you do not have any time for the above, we would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions. We are just an email away or give us a call at 612-567-Wiki (9454).
  • Check out our dashboards of statistics
  • Also check out other pages tagged "Wiki Community" to find other pages to help you get going on the wiki.
  • Take a look at other Wiki Community pages to learn more.


Community Involvement

  • Wiki Community - Learn more about this project and how to get involved.