Kris Fricke is the former Chief Justice of the ASUCD Court. In this position he swore in four ASUCD Presidents, presided over about seven cases, and was considered for impeachment three times. On 03/10/05 The ASUCD Senate concluded he has jedi powers. Allegedly he caused the ASUCD Senate to think that one of two operative sentences in a bill meant the opposite of what it clearly meant. This was subsequently changed. He has also expressed a believe that it would be in ASUCD's best interest if bills and actions that are found to be in violation of state or federal law can be reversed by the ASUCD Court rather than necessitating a lawsuit. Court Vice Chair Daniel Raff consistently tried to confuse this with saying that "the court has the power to try UCD students for breaking state and federal laws, such as vandalism, theft and murder, as well as stating that the U.S. Constitution does not provide U.S. citizens with the right to privacy."

He may or may not be associated with the infamous EMOSNAIL livejournal (Echidna Media Organization S.N.A.I.L. Project), and likes photography.

Warning: Though this apparently comes as a suprise to some people, Fricke considers calling for his impeachment to be a very hostile action and will immediately undertake the most energetic defense possible. If you do not seriously aspire to remove Fricke, I strongly suggest you spare everyone a lot of drama and kindly request Fricke's presence in a venue other than his impeachment hearing. Last time someone called Fricke before a Senate Removal Hearing, it directly resulted in the complete collapse of her party.

If you still hunger for relevant links, Justice Fricke has caused the creation of this link page as part of his shockingly shoddy website.

Did You Know: Oxford Circle Park (AKA "Little Big People Park")is was Kris' first and most physical lasting mark on Davis. As one of three people on the City Renovations sub-Committee he was influential in deciding on the final equipment composition, and specifically the final red/blue colour scheme was wholly his idea (versus blue/yellow ("school colours") and green/silver ("to blend in with the trees")- yuck!). Kris still considers the park with its unique geodesic equipment to be his li'l baby.

The Below is Not necessarily Endorsed by Kris Fricke: It is well established hearsay that Kris owns a grappling hook, studied propaganda so much that he was asked to be a guest lecturer for a propaganda class in Spring 2005.


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2004-12-07 00:24:51   Elimiaphilia is love of Elimia, AKA Snails - RevChad

2004-12-07 00:29:32   oh. snails are pretty cool its true. Shockingly though, my favourite animal is not the snail, but the anteater. - KrisFricke

2004-12-09 23:05:41   Vicki Swett (retiring soon), wiki rules - RobertBaron

2004-12-13 11:46:38   You're not so bad after all krisfricke. maybe i even admire you a little. - RosieWeller

2004-12-21 14:35:35   I can't believe the Chancellor replied to your email. Did you give him a link to here? - PhilipNeustrom 2004-12-22 18:13:24   Hey Kris, the court cases can't be found online somewhere? I'm not sure that posting them all on the wiki is a good idea? I mean, what's the copyright on them? - PhilipNeustrom

  • 2004-12-22 18:16:02   Erg, it looks like you guys basically never have cases. I guess it's cool then — I was just concerned about 200 court cases or something :) Just make sure they aren't copyrighted ? - PhilipNeustrom
  • 2004-12-22 18:20:29   The cases are surely public information. No government documents have copyrights. - KrisFricke
    • 2004-12-22 18:47:27   Further elaboration on copyrights - things on the official ASUCD webpage might be copyrighted - at least Alex Park (the IT guy) might THINK they're copyrighted and get butthurt, but for example Senate Resolutions / Bills, minutes, budgets, (Court findings) and other official government business are certainly not copyrighten - KrisFricke
  • 2004-12-22 18:21:10   and its really been bothering me that they aren't available somewhere so if its alright with you I am overjoyed to have them hosted here. - KrisFricke
    • 2004-12-22 18:30:03   Yeah, sounds great. They are very relevant to Davis, aren't found anywhere else, and are public information. You might want to put a note on the main court page about where (if you were so inclined) you could find official copies of the cases (as these can't be official because they are edited, etc). Even though they might not even be avail. at SGAO, might as well say it's worth a try. - PhilipNeustrom

I went ahead and wrote a page for the Campus Judicial Board for your (and everyone else's) benefit, Kris. - Elvin

2005-01-13 00:18:41   Kris, the picture of the Senate minutes is the greatest picture ever. (Check it out on the Friends Urging Campus Kindness page) —JonathonLeathers

2005-01-22 12:06:25   We turned in the forms for the propaganda class, it will be a free class in the Spring through the Experimental College —RevChad

2005-01-28 17:50:21   Put up a new pic with the green mohawk. —RevChad

2005-01-28 22:08:45   kris, the agasa redirect is useless because nothing links to it. as of know, links are case sensitive. there is also an AGASA redirect which things do link to, but nothing currently links to the agasa redirect, making it useless. —ArlenAbraham 2005-12-12 20:30:30   I was already thinking about that when I went through it - that's why nearly all of them were orphaned redirects to Userpages, not actual pages. Most were a result of the page being renamed and the original not being deleted and never used. A couple were nicknames. I don't think anyone used the recently made "hitler tower". "B & F" is just too vague. Angies Salon was an orphan, even though Angie's Beauty Salon is the first search result. "Engineers" wasn't fair, as it directed to engineering students, even though there is also a page Architects & Engineers. The rest were all userpages. I doubt I messed up any external links, but if I did - sorry. —ES 2006-02-14 01:22:01   I think renaming for "clarification" is becoming something of a Holy War. —KrisFricke

2005-02-03 12:53:20   I <3 big people park. —MarieHuynh

2005-02-16 17:15:55   Can you move your comments + add more comments to ASUCD Ballot Measures from that ASUCD Persoakican'tspellit page? —PhilipNeustrom

2005-03-17 21:41:23   I'll bet you weren't invited to Ms. Swett's retirement party. heh. and, are you at all related to Tobin Fricke? —GeorgeLewis

2005-03-23 09:14:11   hey kris, are you still interested in a photo contest? —CarlMcCabe

2005-04-28 05:31:37   Fricke, you bastard. I use Philip's computer for 30 seconds to prove a point and you choose that one moment out of many to include in the senate photo. WHile the photo looks great. You're still a bastard pinco commie. —RobRoy

  • 2005-04-28 18:10:11   Hey, Kris! What software do you use to make those panoramas? —KenBloom

2005-04-28 13:41:08   And, all of a sudden, Kris has an account in the Roc. —BrentLaabs

I am completely stumped as to how to align a picture left or right (and have text wrap around it) witohut thumbnailing it. Someone please advise me and tell me where on the wiki I can / could have found this information -Kris

2005-05-06 17:25:32   Has Kris not yet graduated? —SS

  • Happily for me and sadly for MUN, he'll be here another year. —BrentLaabs
    • And much to the consternation of some in ASUCD! (Though I've far outlived all of my greatest enemies there) Current estimates put me here for about two more quarters I think.. so I'll finally have to move on after Winter 2006.

2005-05-15 19:24:05   Those were my thoughts as well. —ES

2005-06-06 21:39:53   "Success! Edwub is now located in Land of Thud. " —ES

2005-08-20 04:49:08   You DO need to meet Rusty —MichelleAccurso

2006-01-10 00:35:20   Funny response to JS—I was thinking the same thing myself, but I couldn't bring myself to say it :) Thanks for the laugh. —ZacharyNorwood

2006-01-14 20:23:24   I'm pretty sure that Thomas would just retroactively change our top posting policy anyway. —BrentLaabs

2006-01-14 21:38:05   I love you both, too. lol- you know you're going to miss me... Fricke: you know that had it not gone against your wishes you'd definately have to admit the legal beauty that is the backbone of SB36! jk we should go for beer sometime and you can tell me all about it. —ThomasLloyd

2006-03-08 18:31:47   i feel very strongly about ridding the wiki of stupid inside jokes —TravisGrathwell

  • 2006-03-09 14:39:06   It's not an inside joke if it was never discussed previous to being put on the wiki, and has never since been discussed except in reference to its placement on the wiki; and that is the situation with the ASUCD Gulag. It is not an inside joke. —KrisFricke
    • Why does its being discussed outside of the wiki have any bearing on whether it's an inside joke? If anything that just makes it an inside joke that originated on the wiki. As long as there is no such place as the ASUCD Gulag and discussion of such place is limited to the titters of a couple russophiles it will continue to be an inside joke. —TravisGrathwell
      • Whether there are any "inside" aspects of the matter are indispensible to whether or not it is in inside joke. An inside joke requires context available only to people who were there when it was created. References to the ASUCD Gulag began entirely in the public sphere and hinges on no knowledge not available to the general public. While I understand you and others consider this wiki to be serious business, I strongly believe we should not take ourselves too seriously and should encourage the use of publicly understandable humour upon this wiki.
    • 2006-03-09 14:57:51   You could make the ASUCD Gulag page, perhaps? —JosephBleckman

2006-03-16 20:19:55   Kris, the media board talked about the decision and two things came of it. 1) A senator may write a bill changing the law (not technically retroactive but still kinda ex post facto) and 2) from the feeling I got. The Aggie will not be renewing their contract next year. So in a way, everyone wins. Or no one does. Who knows... it isn't a competition, anyway. —RobRoy

  • Actually, Brent already wrote and passed a bill which changed the way the websites thing works a little... the general idea is that Creative Media has to make and store the websites unless Alex Park approves an alternate plan. I don't know if that would work for the Aggie. Personally, I think a more interesting question is if the Aggie is allowed to endorse candidates for City Council (which I said they could in the same bill) or whether the ASUCD Constitution prohibits it. And whether case law would override our constitution. So much fun! —BrentLaabs

2006-03-27 12:16:12   any way we CAN get tunnels built under campus for use when it is raining/ too sunny etc. ?? I'm up for it. —TusharRawat

2006-04-20 14:56:04   The "going off air" edit description made me lol —ES

I maintain that "member" is more neutral than "justice." Everybody agrees that Aguilera and company are "members" of the ASUCD Court, but not everybody agrees that they are "justices." I try to be neutral, but the Court doesn't have to, so feel free to change it back.-PH

  • You and SteveOstrowski, apparently. I have to be neutral, you do not. The constitution has referred to us as justices since 1996. For a short time from 2001-2003 it was erroniously changed, but I believe that has been fixed and the Constitution should refer to us as "justices" again. Anyone who disagrees that Aguilera & co are "justices" is in a small minority now I think, and in my opinion flat out wrong. -KrisFricke

2006-04-26 10:23:41   Hey man, it said "swarm" i'm just putting what people said. —ArlenAbraham

  • 2006-04-26 10:35:20   Haha no I meant to be sacrastic, I don't expect most people to know the differences between a "swarm," "colony," "hive" etc — since I worked as a bee exterminator throughout last summer I happen to be steeped in these things. —KrisFricke

I appear two places on the map, but I can't figure out how to delete the erronious central davis one. )= -KrisFricke

2006-05-03 12:18:09   You asked about the wiki graphics about number of edits etc. a while back... so I added them to Wiki Community/Graphics.


2006-05-04 12:43:18   Pet peeve of mine too... but in that singular case, it seems right. There are Catholic symbols being used in conjunction with other Christian symbols. I.e., there are generic Christian symbols paired with Catholic (a subset of Christian) specific symbols. Thus the statement is the one time in a thousand when that phrase is used and is correct. —JabberWokky

2006-05-04 12:46:00   Or to put it the other way around, some symbols are Catholic specific and others general to Christianity. There are no Protestant specific symbols. Thus Catholic and Christian symbols, not Catholic and Protestant symbols. —JabberWokky

2006-05-05 01:01:31   I suppose you may be right Jabberwocky. Although one could be saucy / ironic about it and refer to the differences as "Catholic and catholic," as capitalization implies the Roman Catholic church but uncapitalized refers to christian church in general... —KrisFricke

2006-05-05 02:52:54   Sort of the way that "Jabberwocky" refers to a poem by the good Rev. Dodgson and "JabberWokky" is a kibo-esque string designed to be unique? ;) —JabberWokky

2006-08-29 13:24:47   Mr. Chief Justice, I'm going to be sending you an E-mail in a day or two with some stuff. I just wanted to give you advance warning, kinda raise the excitement level a bit. I want it to feel like Christmas morning when you open this work of art that is my impending message. Hope summer is going well, by the way. —KevinPowers

2006-12-05 23:51:45   That's right Kris, people can acll me the "Holy Trinity." Wait, don't do that, it's most likely a bad idea. In other news, I might be the only former justice to argue infront of the Court. Call be "Mr. Trailblazer" instead. —KevinPowers

2006-12-07 12:44:39   Yeah, it's Steve Ostrowski, it allows me to have the ability to have multiple public pages with different spellings. —SteveOstrowski

2006-12-14 11:11:52   Yeah... I have no idea whatsoever as to what the Advisors do. The plan thing I did pick up from an entry, Vicki Swett's last paragraph. I'm still not sure what that last paragraph means, or why it would be worth noting that the Advisors do not have a Plan (as you edited the entry). Why is it important to note? —JabberWokky

2006-12-14 11:15:37   I had frequent clashes with Vicki Swett over what she was and was not obligated to do for student government. She variously refused to do anything for me and told me I had to go through her for things. Similarly, the recent controversy with Tucker stems from disagreement about what exactly his role is. The purpose of Admin Plans is to settle these debates, so that what every entity in ASUCD exactly does and its relation to every other relevant entity is clearly described. In lieu of my conflicts with Swett and Leathers' with Tucker, I believe it is noteworthy that the Advisor does not have an Admin Plan —KrisFricke

2006-12-14 11:17:12   Ah... let me try to put that in the entry in a way that somebody who doesn't know what one is can understand. —JabberWokky

2006-12-14 11:18:11   Oh, do you know if the official title is "Student Government Advisor" or "ASUCD Advisor"? Is there an official document that uses the one or other? —JabberWokky

2006-12-14 12:24:18   Just so you know, the ASUCD website says he's the unit manager of Student Government. —JabberWokky

2006-12-14 13:00:05   Hmm. I'll email Mark I guess. I'm pretty sure thats wrong, since I know for a fact that Mark is the Advisor's boss, and Mark is in the Student Government unit. The ASUCD Webpage is frequently less accurate than the Wiki, even regarding ASUCD. —KrisFricke

2006-12-14 13:01:59   Actually, is that even worth bothering emailing Mark about? I don't think its much of a matter of dispute. The problem should probably be more accurately addressed by having someoen (Brent?) fix the ASUCD page, which I'm certain is wrong. —KrisFricke

2006-12-14 13:03:36   Mark is an employee of the University paid to make sure every aspect of ASUCD does not fuck up, not just the Student Government Unit, as director Tucker's boss is Mark Champagne. —JamesSchwab

2006-12-14 13:08:28   Is that true? Thats wack. Is the Aggie Advisor technicially the Aggie unit director? Other units have student unit directors, why isn't the ASUCD President technically the ASUCD unit director?! —KrisFricke

  • That's just the way Student Services and the Administration have it set up. -ph

2006-12-14 13:11:24   No the Advisor is the unit director for the Student Government office-SGAO, a better, accurate title would be SGAO Office Manager. —JamesSchwab

  • SGAO isn't a unit (and Rachel actually manages it, anyway). According to the administration, though, Student Government is a Unit of ASUCD.

2006-12-14 13:34:48   Ah, my source was an old job description of the ASUCD Advisor which said they were the director of SGAO. Anyway, if thats how the Administration has it set up, than thats that — but that doesn't make it Not Wack. —KrisFricke

2006-12-14 18:27:51   I'd rather Paul be Pope than Steven a Colonel —KevinPowers

  • Amen to that! -ph

2006-12-15 12:28:45   Uhh... you do know that the Edit-Lock has been removed for quite awhile now, right? Or were you being sarcastic? —JabberWokky

2006-12-15 13:34:46   No worries — it was buried in the notes about one of the software upgrades. Basically, if two people edit different lines in an entry, both sets of changes are merged. The problem was that people would open an entry to edit, and then not edit anything and the entry would be locked for ten minutes. Or they would take 15 minutes to edit. It was just one of those annoying things that people seemed to have trouble with. I just mentioned it to you because I figured you thought people were ignoring the fact you were editing and starting to get frustrated. It wasn't personal. :) —JabberWokky

2007-01-22 04:33:20   That is such an awesome idea for a shirt —StevenDaubert

2007-02-20 20:06:47   I don't know if he's able to predict, or he just decides he's always right and he'll do it anyway. "Although you may have a Court order it is rather meaningless because I will just simply distribute the papers myself." and other stuff. —ES

2007-05-25 22:19:59   Hi, You don't know me, but I was just clicking link upon link. I am from a housing cooperative in Rochester, NY and we have a wiki hosted by WikiSpot, and this led me to Davis Wiki, which led me to the people section, which led me to the animal section, where I clicked Leia & Delilah, and found you! Anyways, my question is about your last name. Are you by any chance related to Tobin Fricke? I am very curious to know now. Anyways, you can leave me the answer here, on my page on my wiki, which you can write on because we're all interconnected in this wiki system! How neat. Now that I'm done being a dork, have a great day! —JoannaLicata

2007-06-08 02:22:34   What OC pizza place was reviewed? —DavidPoole

2007-11-14 22:53:39   That's interesting, it makes sense to use hairspray as a fixative for chalk. I never knew that, thanks! Kind of ridiculous for someone to go to that effort...up at Temescal. The Colleges, I could see, but Temescal seems so random. (It's up past Safeway in North Davis). —EdWins

2008-04-08 01:56:26   OH FRICK IT'S CHRIS

*runs* —StevenDaubert

2008-08-20 18:11:55   Somehow I got here when I clicked on the Leia & Delilah link from the Davis Animals page. What happened?! —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-09-20 15:15:24   ::wanders in:: Some drama 'round these parts in the last 24 hours eh. —KrisFricke