Camp Take Notice is a democratic community of homed and homeless individuals, who are working together out of necessity, a necessity that is only growing in Michigan.

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The Michigan Daily, July 2011

Jackson said the fliers were distributed some time after Dye was evicted last summer from "Camp Take Notice," a homeless tent community near Wagner Road and M-14 in Scio Township. After community members voted to evict Dye, Egeler and Ballard were called to stand by as Dye left the property, Jackson said. Dye left without incident. There was no assault or fight, Jackson said.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan filed a friend of the court brief today, urging Ann Arbor's 15th District Court to dismiss charges against a homeless man arrested while living on public property. The brief requests the court dismiss a trespassing charge against Caleb Poirier, the leader of the homeless tent community, "Camp Take Notice," a press release said.

"The underlying goal is to help one person at a time re-enfranchise through contributing positively to a community," says Brian Nord, a U-M grad student who's on the board of directors of MISSION (Michigan Itinerant Shelter System: Interdependent Out of Necessity), a nascent nonprofit working with Camp Take Notice. "No one has stepped up yet" to provide a legal site, Nord says, so they are regrouping in an undisclosed location and preparing for winter.

This is a story that does not yet have an end, nor will it likely ever have one. But we can write down the part we know so far, which began with a Chronicle visit to the camp behind Arborland earlier this summer, and goes through a visit from a Michigan State Trooper to the new camp location early Tuesday evening.

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