What do you know about Council Edition April 1974 - April 1975

Election Results April 2, 1974

The swearing-in ceremony for newly elected council members  April 1974.

From left to right Roger Bertoia, Colleen McGee, Kathy Kosechenko, Lou Belcher, Jamie Kenworthy



The city clerk Jerome Weiss is conducting the ceremony.  City Attorney Ed Pear has his back to the camera.  Council member Bob Henry is visible in the audience.

April 8, 1974

Gave seven local organizations the power to appoint voting members to the Model Cities board:  Elks Pratt Lodge,; Huron Valley Chapter of the Community Development Organization; North Central Property Owners Association; Second Baptist Church; Bethel AME Church; Ann Arbor Housing Commission Tenants Organization; Arrowwood Hills Board of Directors.

Approved a request from Ernest Harburg and Richard Burgess for a new, full-year Class C liquor license for the Del Rio at 123 West Washington Street. 

Agreed to submit a proposal to the Michigan Department Of State Highways for a vehicular shuttle system between the Main Street and State Street Business Districts.