Taking Amtrak or Yolobus might be cheaper, and better for the environment. Same with finding a carpool, perhaps using the Wiki Ride Board. But sometimes, the bus and train won't go where you want, and you can't find a carpool, or your carpool has no car. Then you could try paying one of the following car rental places to let you use one for a few days.


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2008-08-09 13:02:14   I have rented 2 cars so far from Hanlees Toyota Rent a Car...Tina the rental manager is very helpful...I rented a Prius...and she knew all there was to know about that car....and explained it in a way that all could understand...I suggest if you want to but a new Toyota...go rent one first....ask for Tina....its a great experience... —PBarringer

2010-03-17 16:52:41   In case you don't know, you are required to have car insurance and it's not included in the cost of the rental car. Car insurance can double the cost of the rental, which I discovered by surprise. However, you may be covered under some other policy; for example, certain credit cards come with free car insurance for rentals if you pay for the rental with one of them. In fact I think this may be a standard feature for most credit cards. I now have a credit card from BofA that I never use except for when I rent a car. —EfremRensi

2012-09-17 21:22:28   Rented a minivan from the Hanlees Toyota guys this past week - best experience! Yes, having your own insurance is a requirement, but they were very up front about this when I called, as well as the requirement for a credit card hold. The car was exactly what I expected. It felt new and well-maintained - not grimy like so many rentals in Sacramento or from airports. The entire experience was hassle-free. For in-town rentals I'll never do anything else. The price for a weekly rental was ~$300 less than anywhere else I could find. —DanielBoxwell