Desun Oka is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2012 ASUCD Election running on the SMART slate.

Candidate Statement

Hello UC Davis! My name is Desun Oka and I am a fourth year Asian American Studies major running for ASUCD Senate with the SMART slate, which seeks to give a voice in ASUCD to all underrepresented communities on campus. As a Senator I hope to advocate for the needs of the underrepresented, and create a vibrant community life at UC Davis.

FUND SCHOLARSHIPS FOR AB 540 STUDENTS I will advocate for a scholarship fund that consider the experiences and legal conditions of AB 540 students. AB 540 students do not have access to traditional financial sources that require certain citizenship statuses and are prevented from holding public jobs that can pay for their education. AB540 students are hindered by legal regulations from seeking a better life through higher education and citizenship status should not restrict AB 540 students from pursuing better opportunities.

CLUB FINANCE COUNCIL AND RESOURCE Currently, ASUCD fund the grants that the Club Finance Council (CFC) awards to students groups. However, the application process for those grants are complicated and are confusing to first time applicants. I will make the process of applying to CFC grants more accessible to students groups by creating a workshop that will guide student organizations through the procedure.

MORE GENDER-NEUTRAL RESTROOMS As a Senator, I will advocate for gender neutral bathrooms in ALL new buildings. Many existing buildings have only gender-specific bathrooms, leaving students who are gender nonconforming uncomfortable or feeling unsafe to use these restrooms because they are male and female specific bathrooms. Thus, I will see to it that the need for gender neutral bathrooms are met in all new construction on campus.

Together, the SMART Slate will work towards the following:

MORE TEXTBOOK RESERVES We will work to save students money by creating a textbook reserve located in the new Student Community Center, supplementing the Shields Library Reserves and giving students much needed additional study space and free access to the most common GE books.

FUNDING FOR ETHNIC/LAV GRADS Community specific graduations celebrate the achievement in higher education of students from underrepresented and marginalized communities. By granting funds to these events we seek to actively create a safe and inclusive campus environment which celebrates the diversity of our student body.

Vote Desun Oka #1 for ASUCD Senate, SMART #2-6! Bree Rombi and Amy Martin for Exec!


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