Greg Webb was a Political Science and Economics student at UC Davis between 2006 and 2010. He was active on campus primarily through student government and various forms of community service and activism. He sat on ASUCD's Internal Affairs Commission, Environmental Policy and Planning Commission and Business and Finance Commission.

In 2007, Greg decided to team up with Joseph Bleckman and run for senate under the Aggie Centrist Team (A.C.T.) Slate. Greg accepted to an invitation to run with the final Student Focus ticket in ASUCD history. In early 2008, After declining an invitation to be Joseph Bleckman's VP, Greg ran as the only independent candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2008 ASUCD Election and was endorsed by the California Aggie. Greg ran again as an independent in Fall of 2008, his third attempt at the office. Webb received endorsements from both the Davis College Democrats and the Davis College Republicans. He was also the #1 choice of The California Aggie editorial board. He finished seven votes shy of winning a seat. In Winter 2009, Greg was the campaign manager of Kevin Massoudi's successful senate campaign. Greg also advised the ACT candidates. Three of the four candidates that Webb consulted received endorsements from the California Aggie.

As the independent candidate for ASUCD President in the Winter 2010 ASUCD Election Webb secured 19.4% of the first-round vote total.


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2008-11-11 15:30:42   I'm glad that you're taking on the issue of ASUCD Pathfinder, which has been uncommon among indie candidates in the past. Seeing as Pathfinder has struggled in the past 6 years, what is your vision for Pathfinder? Direct outreach, assistance to the CCC, academic assistance for underserved undergrads on campus, or even advocacy? —BrentLaabs

  • To address most aspects of your question, I would work with Pathfinder to understand any issues they're having and would support them in whichever way Pathfinder needed, increasing funding is on the table. In general, I would not change much about Pathfinder but I do support supplementing the Pathfinder unit with add-on programs. One such program would be something I've brainstormed with the beta name "Hometown Heroes"; this program would focus on utilizing the students hailing from lands beyond neighboring counties of Yolo. - GregWebb

2008-11-11 15:59:51   Also, I'd like to issue an endorsement-like statement in support of Greg Webb. He doesn't take himself too seriously, which will be urgently needed at the Senate table this year. Still, he's put in the time to understand the ASUCD system, which compares favorably to some of his opposition. So vote for him (and Jack Zwald)! —BrentLaabs

2008-11-15 13:35:48   The fact that your support increased when voter turnout plummeted is a good sign for you. However, aggressive strategies can be dangerous, as voters can perceive you as too malicious — this probably accounts for most of the last place votes. Attack strategies either need (1) an obvious opening, such as "Ackerman resigned!", (2) a wide reaching policy initiative to get enough positivity back, (3) the general perception that the other side "attacked first", or (4) a slate where some can be the attack dogs, where others can be the nice guy.


2008-11-19 20:45:47   I haven't see a guy lose the ASUCD Senate race this much since Robert Baron, who also lost three times. —BrentLaabs

2008-12-01 17:52:37   I enjoy the love/hate correlation graph thoroughly —brandonhkey

2008-12-18 01:38:26   That graph is great, if the trend continues you will recieve a record number of votes if you ran again —ChrisDietrich

2009-02-15 03:55:16   Based on what I heard tonight from Don, Brandon, and Previn, you were kicked from DCD like Max stated. —MattBlair

  • There is a procedure outlined in the constitution for removal. That procedure never happened despite what they say. - GregWebb

2009-02-15 04:19:58   Just for clarification, the DCD constitution: I will also say for the record I believe that Greg did in fact actually resign before he would have been automatically disqualified as an active member. As a caveat, I will not deny the distinct possibility that Greg's possible firing was imminent. —brandonhkey

2009-02-20 14:32:03   Graph FTW! —maxvidrine

2009-07-26 03:02:42   Greg be proud of all you do..Your going to go far in life.. —jimmy1985