Have you been touched by his noodly appendages?

Pastafarians are members of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, a group that satirizes "creation science" and "intelligent design" through the claim that the Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM) created the universe. Although it sounds like a spoof religion (and can be argued that the cult of personality that has developed along side it is), the actual group is quite serious: they organized as a response to the idea that non-scientific theories should be forced to be taught alongside scientific theories in science classes in high school. They have correlation and negative proof theories that show that the Flying Spaghetti Monster makes as much sense as any other anthropogenic creation mythos, and formally submitted to the Kansas Board of Education that their theories should be taught in science classes alongside other creation mythos. Many Pastafarians are actually agnostics or atheists, although one need not be an agnostic or an atheist to support Pastafarian goals, since many theists do not think that "creation science" or "intelligent design" ought to be taught in public school science classrooms, either.

Did Davis High School add Intelligent Design to their science classes? No... but the cult of personality around the goofy image of the FSM inspired people to engage in iconifying His Divine Form into T-shirts and bumperstickers that can probably be spotted around Davis (and around the world). Alas, the pointed stick jabbed into the eye of bureaucratic educators who wish to fiddle with classes they should probably take is lacking in most of the spin-off fans. That's probably a good thing — it means that science classes are generally focused on... well... actual science.

More serious Davis Pastafarians are concerned with the nationwide attempts to have religious beliefs inserted into public school science curricula. They also encourage you to do your part to fight global warming!

Pastafarian Events

On 2006-09-19, some Pastafarians held an event on UC Davis campus. The event was documented with photos on the Church of the FSM website.

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