Prostitution is the act of accepting money in exchange for engaging in sexual activities. It is currently illegal in Davis and the rest of California. However, illicit activities do take place in Davis. Some students pay for their steep tuition costs, rent and other living expenses by providing sexual services for money, primarily to people from out of town.  Some contemporary feminists see little difference between the role a wife plays and that of a sex worker paid for hire.  A sugar baby/sugar daddy arrangement exchanges companionship for money and may also skate close to prostitution.


Prostitution has a long and noble legacy, one that began hundreds of thousands of years ago among our prehistoric ancestors. Indeed, sex was not only one of the oldest commodities, it is also the profession on which both monogamous marriage and human societies were originally founded.

Where to find it

The nearest locality that has legal prostitution is a mere few hours away by car near Reno, Nevada. The Old Bridge Ranch and Wild Horse Canyon Resort are just over the border, and several other legal brothels lie further on in the state. Prostitution is legal in all Nevada counties excluding Clark County [including Las Vegas], Washoe County [including Reno], Carson City, Douglas County, Lincoln County and Eureka County. This basically means, all the inhabited places.

The nearest place to reliably find local "ladies of the night" is Stockton Blvd, Broadway, and along the American and Sacramento rivers in Sacramento.

Sacramento City Council is currently debating whether pictures of convicted johns and male (but not female) prostitutes should be put onto a city website to shame them, and they will make their decision in September.

  • Does anyone know what happened with this? It's allegedly past September now.

Craigslist is also about as good a place as any to find a prostitute.

Qualms and Debates

The laws surrounding prostitution in California creates a moral dilemma for some, but one that is more open to debate in the political climate of Davis. Some feel that paying for sex cheapens the whole experience of sex, often removing even the semblance of love from the encounter, however, others make the argument that it is actually an empowering experience for the sex worker, as the sex worker is actually receiving a fair payment for services performed — in contrast to some people who put out all the time without receiving getting anything in return (a common scenario of unfulfilling, longstanding relationships, such as marriage). These beliefs and qualms about exchanging money for physical pleasure are influenced by social norms (many of which are directly imported from earlier, more misogynistic days) and religious beliefs.

We should have a hotline for anonymous counseling about harm reduction and alternatives for people considering selling themselves in some way. No one should have to go this route because of economic necessity.

I am available to provide counseling - feel free to email me at [email protected] and we can chat and I can help you find another way out if you would like that, or just give you support and a place to vent. I graduated awhile ago and no longer live in Davis, so nothing you say to me will get around anywhere. — CristinaDeptula

Beyond that, Cristina sounds a bit sexist and homophobic, considering she ruled out male prostitutes in their entirety, not to mention lesbian prostitutes. What, Christina, they're not good enough to be considered part of a moral dilemma? Or is that stacking a moral dilemma on a moral dilemma? — SS


If you're lonely, don't know many people in town, kind of a loner but need some good (or maybe just some) sex, prostitution should be a pretty consistent bet.

Other Drawbacks

Prostitutes may have STDs (although anyone else you sleep with may as well). This is mainly an issue when sex workers are not adequately screened for STD's and STI's, in an unregulated environment such as California. Many sex workers regularly get tested.

Local Prostitution References

Prostitution sometimes occurs in Davis. Here are local stories and allegations of prostitution in Davis.

In 2011 A former student of UC Davis appeared at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Nevada turn reality show. Dani James appeared in a soft core porn directed and produced by the same staff as their long time running HBO series "Cathouse." Dani starred with a fellow nameless UCD student in the soft core porn style light bondage scene. ([WWW]link)

The day before Valentine's Day, 2006, the following ad was spotted on Craigslist:

Attractive Indian Male college student for hire! - 21

I am a 21 year old Indian male attending UC Davis. I am currently experiencing financial difficulties and have come to this as a last resort. I would be more than happy to accompany a woman and ensure her complete and total satisfaction. All I ask is $60/30 minutes, $100/hour, and $80 for each additional hour up to a total of 8 hours.

Keep in mind that you are paying for my time and my time only. Anything else is purely between 2 consentual adults. I look forward to hearing from you!

Attached were two pictures, presumably enough for enterprising students to figure out the identity and shame the enterprising strumpet in public, 18th-century style.

Allegations of Prostitution in Local Massage Parlors
  • On January 22, 2009, the owner of Spring 380 was arrested on charges of prostitution. An article from the Davis Enterprise reporting the event is on Massage Services.
  • It only took the Bee nine days to pick up on this, they make references to three (3) other potential massage parlors in town.