Winter 2016   ASUCD Elections
Senate Candidates
Jasir Soomro
Ryan Abusaa
Sofia Molodanof
Ryan "Beans" Brady
Bennett Pollack-Reeber
Sam Chiang
Sam Park
Jack Foley
Brendan Chang
Ricardo Martinez
Irveen Grewal
Mato Tirkas
Claudia Serrano
Shaitaj Dhaliwal
Christie Chan
Drake Santamaria
Sevan Nahabedian
Ryan Downer
Ayman Shehadeh
Executive Tickets
Alex Lee & Abhay Sandhu
Elijah Pipersburg & Lauren Kong
Bolded entries indicate victors


The Winter 2016 ASUCD Elections were held from February 16th at 8am until February 19th at 8am. Six Senate seats, along with the President and Vice President, were up for election. Voting took place, as always, at

With 19 ASUCD Senate candidates, this was the second time since the Winter 2013 elections that had the third highest number of candidates in an ASUCD Election in over 10 years, behind only the Fall 2004 ASUCD Election (20) and Winter 2005 ASUCD Election (23). Coincidentally both of those elections also had three slates each running four or more Senate candidates.


Preliminary results were released on Feburary 19, 2016. The results became official the following week and the Senators-elect were sworn in on March 10, 2016.

Executive Winners

Alex Lee for President and Abhay Sandhu for Vice-President (Summit)

Senate Winners

# Candidate Slate #1 Votes Votes for Seat
#1 Sam Chiang BASED 467 658
#2 Ricardo Martinez BASED 366 652
#3 Sofia Molodanof Summit 303 605
#4 Sam Park Summit 323 577
#5 Shaitaj Dhaliwal BASED 313 570
#6 Irveen Grewal Summit 241 509

Quota was 635. Only Ricardo Martinez and Sam Chiang reached quota this quarter.


The California Aggie

  • Executive: Alex Lee & Abhay Sandhu
  • Senate:
# Candidate Slate

Sofia Molodanof

#2 Shaitaj Dhaliwal BASED
#3 Sam Chiang BASED
#4 Ricardo Martinez BASED
#5 Drake Santamaria LEAD
#6 Sam Park Summit

Many individuals, including a few of those endorsed, were of the opinion that The California Aggie's endorsements this cycle were indicative of who they believed they would be able to draw on for support on the senate table and who they believed would be elected, rather than based on qualifications.