This list includes blogs that are from or about Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, or anywhere else in Washtenaw County.

If you're a blogger, please check the table below and make any corrections. If your blog isn't listed, please add it. You can just open the "edit" link, type in the information, and we will format it if needed using Template:Weblog.

Bloggers can be found at the a2b3 weekly Thursday lunch at Eastern Accents, Flickr meetups at Arbor Brewing Company, Beer with Bloggers at Frenchie's, in the office of the County Clerk, on the Ypsilanti School Board, running (but not winning) for Mayor of Ann Arbor, and enjoying a beer at the Corner Brewery.

See also List of Ann Arbor food bloggers

Bob Brown

Ann Arbor 20minuteJan & 20minuteJim Ann Arbor  

24 Fit Camp A2  

Laura Pasek Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti Laura Emmer Ann Arbor  

A2 Politico

[email protected] Ann Arbor News and Politics

Patricia Lesko

Ann Arbor BITES! William Cron Ann Arbor foods and foodies  

Ann Arbor Mom Blog

Tammy Mayrend Ann Arbor Events and Activities for Families  
a field of daisies Jennifer Ann Arbor  
Ann Arbor Area Events & Activities for Preschoolers Anna Mae Trievel Ann Arbor  
Ann Arbor Dog Blog John Spieser Ann Arbor Dogheart
Ann Arbor Homes and Real Estate Update Andy Piper Ann Arbor  
Ann Arbor Meals on Wheels Elizabeth Adams Ann Arbor  
Ann Arbor Real Estate News and Community with Videos Kathy Toth and Team Ann Arbor  
Ann Arbor Schools Musings Ruth Kraut Ann Arbor  
Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti LiveJournal Community random contributors Ann Arbor/Ypsi  
Ann Arbor photo pool on Flickr photographers Ann Arbor  
Ann Arbor Area Crappy Camera Club photographers w/ krappy kameras Ann Arbor Ann Arbor Area Crappy Camera Club
Ann Arbor Restaurants   Ann Arbor  
Ann Arbor's #1 Source for Real Estate Information Team366 Ann Arbor  
Ann Arbor With Kids   Ann Arbor  
Arblogger David Boyle Ann Arbor  
Arbor Market Watch fuzzbollah Ann Arbor  
Arbor Update bulky, herbivorous, defunct collective Ann Arbor Arbor Update
Ask the Grand Master Keith Hafner Ann Arbor  
Ann Arbor Real Estate Talk Missy Caulk Ann Arbor and Saline  
Betsy's Photography Studio Blog Betsy Finn Ann Arbor and Dexter  
Blue Sky on Mars Kevin Dangoor Ann Arbor  

Bluish Barn


Timothy et al Ann Arbor  
Brian Cors Brian Cors Ypsilanti  
butter and brass Erin Nelson Ann Arbor  
Carfree Ann Arbor non-motorized collective Ann Arbor Carfree Ann Arbor
Charche Chauke Ke Nidhi Ann Arbor  
Charlotte's Dreams of Domesticity Charlotte Ann Arbor  
Chelsea Blog Leslie Surel Chelsea Things To Do In Chelsea
Clean Up DHS concerned parents Dexter Dexter Squall, Clean Up DHS
Clover Eats! Clover Ann Arbor  
Common Monkeyflower




THE-COLLEGE-DIARY Anonymous Ann Arbor  
Compound Thinking Mark Ramm Ann Arbor  
DailyNightmare Jim Leach Ann Arbor  

Damn Arbor 

Ben Connor Barrie, Ben Houston, Erika Jost, Quinn Davis, Joshua Stoolman, G$ Ann Arbor  
Dane Hillard Photography Dane Hillard Ann Arbor Dane Hillard Photography, Fashion
Designated Conservative Designated Conservative Ypsilanti  
TheDirtStreet Photoblog Jess Richard Ann Arbor  
Donn Fresard Donn Fresard Ann Arbor/Detroit  
Downtown Ypsi a downtown collective Ypsilanti  
Dry Goods Notes Solomon Ann Arbor  
East Cross Street Brian Robb Ypsilanti  
Eco-Foodie Junkie     Brines Farm
Economic Development David Bloom Michigan  
Eco-Friendly Digital Marketing Internship Ingenex Digital Marketing staff and interns Ann Arbor  
Elle Moss Photography Lisa sieczka Ann Arbor  
Emerging Technologies Librarian Patricia F. Anderson Ann Arbor  
Emily's blog at American Inventor Spot Emily Swan Ann Arbor sitedad (aka Steven D. Krause) et. al. Eastern Michigan University/Ypsilanti  
Everyday Family Activities K's Mom Ann Arbor  
Everyday Foodie Blog Karen M. Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor and Surrounding Areas  
Fat Freddy Says Fred Posner Ann Arbor, Florida, Vegas  
Four Twitchy Eyes JM & JH Ann Arbor  
Find The River Shupac Ann Arbor  
Fitness at 50 Jeff Jackson Ann Arbor  
Food Gatherers Blog Food Gatherers Washtenaw County  
Four Obsessions Kate Ann Arbor  
Fred Posner dot com Fred Posner Ann Arbor  
Gastronomical Three Maria, Anne, Shana Ann Arbor  
Golfblogger John Ann Arbor  
Have Fork, Will Eat Lauren Atkins Budde Ann Arbor  
Heavy Metal Geek Skyler Willett Ann Arbor  
here & there Cy Abdelnour and Zalo Gonzalez Ann Arbor Fashion
High Earth Orbit Andrew Turner Ann Arbor  
Home and Decor Amanda Fern Ann Arbor and Washtenaw County Amish Tables
House of Rana Rana Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti ~ Deals and Steals  
Humor Me Josie Ann Lee Ann Arbor  
Independent Underground News & Talk Monica RW & Larry B. Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti  
India in Ann Arbor Sreyashi Dey Ann Arbor  
Informed Comment Juan Cole Ann Arbor  
Katie K Designs Katie Klink Chelsea/Ann Arbor  
KB6NU's Ham Radio Blog Dan Romanchik Ann Arbor  
Kentaro Web Consulting Blog Kentaro Ann Arbor  
kg jewelry Kim Gleichert Ann Arbor  
Kids and Native Plants Mark Charles Ann Arbor  
Kitchen Chick "Kitchen Chick" Ann Arbor Kitchen Chick
Last One Eating: Ann Arbor Food Blog Brian Steinberg Ann Arbor Last One Eating: Ann Arbor food Blog
La Vie en 8 Gina Chen Ann Arbor  
Left Behind at the Fishbowl AHFB U-M Fishbowl  
The Liturgy of Espresso: A Coffee Blog Billy Kangas Ypsilanti The Ugly Mug
Lorrie Shaw, Professional Pet Sitting Lorrie Shaw Dexter Township  
Making it Vegan Kate Alber Ypsilanti  
Mara's World Deb Rhizal and Jane Glazer Ann Arbor  
Mark Maynard Mark Maynard Ypsilanti  
Meg.Goes.Nom.Nom Megan H. Ann Arbor  
MetaSpring: Piece of Our Mind Case Ernsting, Julie Cameron Ann Arbor MetaSpring
MGoBlog Brian Cook Ann Arbor  
MichiGirls Rebecca Sweeton Ann Arbor  
Mittens & Manolos Amanda Parker Ann Arbor  
Mitten Artworks Laura Fisher Ann Arbor mitten
Mom Explores Michigan Brooke Romney Saline  
Mom's Kitchen Mom Ann Arbor Mom's Kitchen
90% Crud George Hotelling Plymouth  
Neurotic Mom Jen Eyer Ann Arbor  
No Sleep 'til Ann Arbor James Method Ann Arbor  
nothing and everything Jessie Ann Arbor  
Notional Slurry Bill Tozier Ann Arbor  
Odd Ends Barbara Tozier Ann Arbor  
Orant: Theology for Sojourners Billy Kangas Ypsilanti MissionChrist
Our Michigan Celeste Whiting Ann Arbor and all of Michigan  
painting with fire Leslie Sobel Milan  
Palate of Patti Patti Smith Ann Arbor  
Poor Mojo's Newswire the Poor Mojo's Staff, including Ann Arborites Alan Benard and David Erik Nelson Ann Arbor  
Polygon, the Dancing Bear Larry Kestenbaum Ann Arbor  
Poplawski Bariatric Doc Pop Ann Arbor Bariatric Surgeon  
Preserving Traditions Emily Ann Arbor/Pittsfield Preserving Traditions
Put on Your Cake Pants
Relish life*work*pictures
Myra Klarman
Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor


Ron Suarez Ron Suarez Ann Arbor First Ward
Roundtrip Story Daniel & Maria O'Connell Ann Arbor  
Ross Johnson Ross Johnson Ann Arbor 3.7 Designs
The Penultimate Word Tom Brandt Ann Arbor  
Tree Town Talk KarenMoorhead Ann Arbor  
Scrumpdilly Jennifer Ypsilanti  
The Odd Mod Out Ruadhán J McElroy Ann Arbor  
The Second Fiddle Gina Valo Ann Arbor  
Senior's and Their Families in Crisis Angil Tarach RN- Visiting Angels Ann Arbor  
Stay in the Lines Jaclyn Kilfoyle Ann Arbor  
The Stopped Clock Aaron Larson Ann Arbor Blog Nick Meador Ann Arbor  
SustainabiliTEA Jeremy Lopatin, Owner of Ann Arbor  
SustainableDesignUpdate John Barrie, Executive Director, The Appropriate Technology Collaborative Ann Arbor/The World  
Techlifeboat "Maximum Technology, Minimize Cost" David K Ann Arbor  
Teeter Talk Homeless Dave Ann Arbor  
Thyme to Dine Cookcat Ann Arbor  
Two Fell Swoops The Swoops Ann Arbor  
Urban Sprawlette Bill Tozier and Barbara Tozier Ann Arbor  
U-M Students' LiveJournal Community mobs of U-M students Ann Arbor  
Vacuum Edward Vielmetti Ann Arbor  
Varsity Blue Tim Sullivan Ann Arbor  
VoIP Tech Chat Fred Posner Ann Arbor Janice Leach Ann Arbor  
Wrenaissance Reflections Wren Ann Arbor  
Ypsilanti Dilettante Liz in Ypsilanti Ypsilanti  
Ypsilanti photo pool on Flickr 50 Ypsi photographers Ypsilanti  
Zach's Garden Zach Campau Ann Arbor Zach Campau
Zionists Out of the Peace Movement PeaceMonger Ann Arbor  
Zweites Frühstück - Second Breakfast K. S. Ann Arbor Joe Lynch Ann Arbor / Brighton Richard Winters Ann Arbor  
Trust Moms Sarah Frantz Ann Arbor Mysterious Reader Ann Arbor  
Wealthy Street Blog Exchange Capital Management Ann Arbor  
Around Fenton Ryan Lonsbury Fenton/Ann Arbor