The Student Government Advisor is a former position within ASUCD that was eliminated in May 2008. The office, when active, was held by a non-student individual who is technically unit manager of the Student Government in ASUCD, and, the direct supervisor of the Student Government Administrative Office. This position advises the various government entities that are in the ASUCD, including the different commissions and committees as well as the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial branches of ASUCD. They are generally selected by committee. Specific attention is paid to the Student Government budget, the Student Government Administrative Office, and the Elections Committee.

For administrative purposes, the ASUCD Student Government Advisor is considered the activity director or unit director of the ASUCD Student Government. The advisor's signature is required, as activity director, on expense forms, purchase forms, vacancy posting forms, payroll for ASUCD Senators and Commission Chairs, etc.

The position lacks an Administrative Plan which makes it somewhat nebulous as to exactly what this position does and its relation to every other entity it interacts with. Some other positions are clearly defined via their Administrative Plan and the lack of such definition for the Advisor position has been cited as causing conflict and increasing the difficulty when attempting to resolve issues of control and power by some in ASUCD. ASUCD Chief Justice, Kris Fricke, raised such concerns with Vicki Swett (ex. 1, ex. 2) as did ASUCD Elections Committee Chair, Jonathon Leathers, in regards to Vicki Swett and Michael Tucker (ex. 3, ex. 4).

Fortunately, the Student Government Administrative Office (SGAO) has an Admin Plan. According to it, SGAO "relies on the the ASUCD Advisor [for ] direct supervision to ensure daily and long term administrative tasks are completed," and interacts with them to "receive direction and support."

Past Advisors