Wikishirts are so hot right now.

Arlen Abraham made his own I <3 shirt. The photo was taken by MattJojola.

Rob Roy made this shirt using a stencil. He will share it with you, but only if you ask him nicely.

A screen-printed design (group effort).

Do It Yourself

I've got a silk screen, is it cool if I use some of the flyer images for shirts? -aec

  • Absolutely. Everything on the wiki is fair game. —MikeIvanov
  • hey aec, where did you get the silkscreen? i went to the bookstore but they were rather clueless. maybe i was talking to the wrong people. get a higher res jpeg from philip for the shirts. — arlenabraham
  • arlen. you probably were talking to someone clueless about the art department in the bookstore, becuase we sell all kinds of sizes of bars, and we also have two kinds of silkscreens" but since you are doing it at inkmonkey, no worries anymore —KristinRicherson
  • I got mine in Santa Cruz, & haven't been able to find a store in Davis that has any supplies. There should be places in Sac. I'll check on it.' -aec
  • or check at the Craft Center. —AlphaDog
  • University Art in Downtown Sacramento sells them as well as Art Ellis. They're both located on J St practically across the street from eachother.— KristenBirdsall

Sweet tshirt man. I want one! -JackHaskel

That photo of arlen is the hottest thing ever. —PhilipNeustrom

Or do what Friends Urging Campus Kindness does! Make stencils and spraypaint people's shirts on the quad. (with their permission of course) — KenBloom

Tarz had this idea but has no comp, so I'm posting: "I (wiki symbol) Wiki" in the "I NY" style... oh yes —Michelle


Get a Free Shirt

I (along with RobRoy, KristenBirdsall, and MikeyNolan) managed to put together our own silk-screen and purchase a bunch of t-shirts from Thrift stores. I gave about 10 of the shirts away, but I have a few more and plan to make a ton more. The only cost (now that the screen is made) is the shirts to print them on. If anyone wants to donate a shirt I'd gladly screen on the design. Otherwise just talk to me or someone you see with a shirt on and we'll try and get you one. If you want one just drop a note on this page with your shirt size and I will try and make you one. —PhilipNeustrom

  • Way cool everyone. I'd like a medium!! - JackHaskel
  • If you have a color other than white, I'll take a large, and would be willing to donate a few bucks to the Wiki in kind appreciation.- CraigBrozinsky
  • Nice job guys, I love the new shirts! - MikeIvanov
  • I want one! And maybe I'll add a box and tape a pen to the back...
  • I want one and I'll pay for the cost of the shirt... as soon as you pay me back for the security deposit! I wear M and color is negotiable. - KenjiYamada
  • Philip, can I get a shirt to you somehow and have you screen the design on? Drop me a note on my page if you can, thanks! - KalenRidenour
  • I want to be sexy like Arlen. I would like a medium sized shirt, just small enough so people can associate my rippling muscles (or rather, the absence of them) with the Wiki and think... if only I could be that cool, let me check this Wiki thing out. I do, however, like the "Edit this T-Shirt" part of Rob's stencil... any chance of putting that line on the back of the shirt? Any color except orange and yellow. I can pay, (waves hand) Republic credits will do fine. -KarlMogel email me at [email protected] if there's a shirt for me!
  • I would totally rock one of these! I'll go find a shirt... - BrianFong

Buy a T-Shirt, Financially Support the DavisWiki

Would there be any interest in setting up an account with something like Cafe Press to sell DavisWiki t-shirts online? I don't know too much about it, but I think it would require little more time and investment than the development of the designs. This might be a great way to get more word out about the wiki and at the same time get more donations coming in. This method of promotion is increasingly popular among non-profits, for example LUGOD (see their shop). MichaelGiardina might also be able to describe his experiences with CafePress as it looks like he is selling a book through them.

Anyone have thoughts or concerns about this? A good idea, or friggin' crappy?

-As I said above, I'd be willing to pay real money for a Davis Wiki shirt, especially if it says "Edit this T-shirt", like on the back. -KarlMogel

  • The only problem with Cafe Press shirts is that they don't last through enough washes. It'd be ideal to get it screen printed somewhere. -DatNguyen
  • Why do Cafepress when we have Ink Monkey and Screaming Squeegee right here? The wiki is all about being on the local level, so why not use local businesses? If you order enough shirts, the price per for resale is pretty cheap, and the wiki could make bank. - AllisonEriksen
  • The nice thing about CafePress is that there's no upfront cost other than what appears to be a monthly fee of $5-$7, and we wouldn't have to coordinate the jobs. The downside is that their base price is pretty steep... $15 for a plain grey tshirt. We'd have to charge $20 just to make $5 profit. —AlphaDog

Shirt Requests

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2007-03-04 18:50:01   I have a couple "homies" who work at ink monkey, I will work the social engineering front. —StevenDaubert