Good Roads Association of Saranac Lake, renamed the Adirondack Good Roads Association by 1913, was a local outgrowth of the nationwide Good Roads Movement that advocated for improved roads between the late 1870s and the 1920s. Nationally, the movement was led initially by bicyclists, although in the Adirondacks, it appears to have been created by motorists.

Malone Palladium, April 19, 1906

Roads a Great Need.

G. S. Moulton, manager of the Ampersand on the Lower Saranac Lake, and who makes his home in New York in winter, visited the Ampersand this week and remained for several days in this locality, during which he made his headquarters with P. H. Buckley at his home in Ampersand avenue.

Mr. Moulton anticipates a very good Adirondack season. He states, however, that there are certain neglected features in this Adirondack country which if given the attention their importance warrants, will materially influence the prosperity of Adirondack resorts. At this time the most pressing need is of good roads. He finds that a very considerable number of old friends of the Adirondacks are suffering from an attack of automobile fever, and that the automobile forms a necessary part of the summer vacation.. Many a man and his family, together with his friends, would visit the North woods for a much longer stay if the highways offered better opportunities for touring. Many are discouraged now from entering the Adirondacks with their cars because of narrow roads, sharp turns, sand and rocks, and easily frightened horses.

Mr. Moulton says the Adirondacks appeal as strongly as ever to the lover of nature, the fisher, the camper and the hunter, but the Adirondack folks should not neglect to cater to the up-to-date chap who runs an automobile and spends much money in so doing.—Saranac Lake Enterprise.

Malone Farmer, October 5, 1910

It is now announced that the Saranac Lake—Lake Placid improved road will not be constructed next year as heretofore contemplated by the state highway department, because it is a county road and the Essex county board of supervisors has decided to spend the money available next year along the Lake Champlain front instead of in the Western end of the county. This checks the plan of the village trustees and Good Roads Association of Saranac Lake to have Bloomingdale Avenue macadamized at state expense as a connecting link between state highways.

Malone Farmer, February 3, 1913

James A. Latour, Harrietstown's capable supervisor has announced his candidacy for renomination and election, at the urgent solicitation of prominent members of the Adirondack Good Roads Association. Mr. Latour has had much to do with highway improvement in the county and is familiar with every detail connected with the securing of state and county highways. Mr. Latour urges that the present status of the board of supervisors ought to be preserved because the second fifty millions from the good roads bond issue will be all shot to pieces in the next two years and Franklin county will have to get its highways now or not at all. This year's construction will make another ten million dollar hole in the bond issue, and until the state and county roads are built it is the wise course to make as few changes in the membership of the board as possible. This is the argument which is being heard everywhere in the county. Under these circumstances all will be glad to know that Supervisor Howard, of Malone, will be nominated without opposition in the Republican caucus to be held here next Saturday.

Plattsburgh Daily Republican, April 5, 1918


Plattsburgh is Goal Motorists From Lakes Hope to Reach by Sunday

(From the Adirondack Enterprise Saranac Lake.)

The automobilists of Saranac Lake and lake Placid are ready for an Allied counter-offensive against the forces of winter which have been securely entrenched in Wilmington Notch. The mobilization of men and resources will be completed Wednesday morning when the wedge will be driven through the blockade. The real objective is Plattsburgh which, it is expected, will be reached Sunday by a triumphal procession of cars.

In other words, the automobilists of Saranac Lake and Lake Placid will Join hands tomorrow in the removal of the accumulation of snow and ice from the Notch. For some time plans have been made for the attack but it was deemed wise to allow the sun to melt the snow and Ice, which is very thick, before the work of removing it was begun.

Tomorrow morning at 8 o'clock the automobilists interested will meet at the Riverside Garage in River street and will proceed with trucks and other equipment to Lake Placid, where they will be joined by the workers there. Then men will be lead workers there. Then men will be lead by E. R. Stonaker of Saranac Lake, president of the Adirondack Good Roads Association, and F. B. Guild of Lake Placid. The superintendent of highways for the town of North Elba and Lake Placid's street commissioner, will also be present. The men will begin work at-once, and they plan to derive much enjoyment from the task.

It is planned to hold a sociability run Sunday by, which time it is expected there will be a clear road through the Notch. All automobilists of Saranac Lake and Lake Placid are invited to join in the joyful procession to Plattsburgh, which will mark the opening of the summer season of pleasure for the motorist.

Malone Farmer, September 15, 1920

Correspondence between State Highway Commissioner Greene and E. R. Stonaker, president of the Adirondack Good Roads Association, gives assurance that the Paul Smith's - Mountain Pond road will be built next season. Commissioner Greene writes that the plans are all ready and the road would have been let this year had conditions been at all favorable. He promises to put the road to an early letting in 1921 and to do everything possible to have the road completed during the year.

Malone Farmer, May 24, 1922

The New York State Automobile Association will hold its mid-summer annual convention this year at Saranac Lake and Lake Placid. The convention will last two days July 3rd and 4th. The Adirondack Good Roads Association has voted to place a sign near the turn of the road at Lower Jay directing traffic from Elizabethtown north through the Adirondacks to Malone and Montreal, it being contended- that many tourists lose their way and eventually land in Plattsburgh when they intend to visit the Adirondacks.

Lake Placid News, August 3, 1923


The policies of State Highway Commissioner Greene were highly endorsed by the members of the Adirondack Good Roads Association when they met Tuesday night at Saranac Lake. A committee of which, Eddy Whitby of that village is chairman, was appointed to draft according resolutions which will be forwarded to the highway department.

The association also went on record as protesting against the habit of pedestrians in walking on the right side of the road. This was said to be especially a nuisance near the state hospital at Ray Brook, where a large number of the patients strolling along regardless of accident make it inconvenient for the motorists.

Public camp sites was another matter before the meeting. It was stated that C. B. Bridgeman of the Overlook house, near Raybrook, has provided one near his house.

E. R. Stonaker, of Saranac Lake, spoke of the excellent work of widening the road between Saranac Lake and Lake Placid and especially of the straightening of the curve near Ray Brook, which will cut off a dangerous piece of roadway. The Flume bridge near Wilmington is another point marked for improvement.

H. S. Carpenter of Loon Lake asked that the association write the highway department regarding a continuation of state road, from Merrill's Corner to Duane, making a short cut to Malone. The present connecting road belongs to the town of Franklin and is in bad condition.

Mr. Stonaker stated the town of North Elba wished for co-operation in widening the roadway and moving the building formerly belonging to the Thomas Boat company and which stands at Lake Flower avenue and River street.

Discussion of the map prepared by Commissioner Greene, containing improvements essential to motor travel in the Adirondacks, among these being that of the Wawbeek road in Route No. 25, also was made. This road is to be put on the map again was the assurance of Commissioner Greene to the delegation which met him at Saranac inn.

Several matters will be presented to the highway commission by the Good Roads association, some of which, while not in the territory of this organization, are still on highways leading to this village. President E. R. Stonaker, and Vice President F. S. Leonard and Secretary L. B. Judson were re-elected.