Henry Kennedy "H. K." Jackson (December 14, 1856 - November 2_, 1931) was born in Jefferson,Maine and was the founder of the Jackson Furniture company doing business in Oakland, California for 52 years.

H. K. Jackson and Bertha Kennerson were married in San Francisco, California.  Bertha died two years before the death of H. K. Jackson.

Jackson lived in the Bellevue Staten apartments at the time of his death at the age of 75.  His funeral services were conducted by his old friend Rev. E. _. Brush at the Albert Brown Chapel, and private interment took place at the Oakland Crematorium.  Henry also had homes in Diablo and Boulder Creek, and on Broadway in Alameda.  His son Frank graduated from Alameda High School in the early 1900's.  His great grandson Rich Jackson (www.rcj.com) lives in Alameda.

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