Joe Tuman has lived in Oakland for over 25 years. He has a BA from UC Berkeley and a JD from Boalt. He teaches politics, law and communication at SF State and has worked in TV, news and print media. Tuman participates in Ironman competitions, triathalons and marathons. He has two children.

Tuman ran unsuccessfully for mayor in the 2014 Election. He came in 4th place. He also finished 4th in the 2010 mayoral race. On July 29, 2013, he sent an email saying, “A few days ago I formally entered the race to become the next Mayor of Oakland. The response has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive. Now I am asking you to join me in this journey to provide real leadership and solutions for our city…”

He is co-author of Freedom of Expression in the Marketplace of Ideas and author of Communicating Terror, 2nd Edition and Political Communication in American Campaigns.1

Political Positions

For videos on various positions at various times, see Joe Tuman Positions.

In August, 2013, Tuman was quoted as saying that private security sets a dangerous precedent as “people with means” could have more security than those without.5


2014 Campaign

This election cycle he has said his focus is on public safety and that he plans to put at least 300 more officers on the street.3

2013-07-08: Joe Tuman sent out a newsletter to supporters saying that he is exploring a campaign for Mayor in 2014. View the online version of the newsletter here: Exploring Joe Tuman About Oakland. In the newsletter he states that he expects to make a formal announcement mid-July.

2013-07-23: Joe Tuman sent an email declaring his intention of filing papers to run for mayor and asking for campaign contributions. -> Joe 4 Mayor Newsletter He held a press conference on July 24th on the steps of City Hall.

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2014 Mayoral Election News:

2013-09-05: Quan challenger seeks LGBT Support. “Oakland’s mayor’s race is just over a year away, but incumbent Mayor Jean Quan and one of her challengers were shoring up LGBT support during the city’s fourth annual Pride festival last weekend.” Read more

2013-07-11: Daily Kos’ pipsorcle writes: The Next Mayor of Oakland: My choice is Joe Tuman. ”Now may be the time where Oakland should finally get real about getting a serious Mayor of Oakland who is going to actually think about the outside world and think carefully before shooting from the hip.” Read more

2013-04-21: Joe Tuman may have race in the future. “In the Twitter age, anybody with Internet access and half an opinion can be a political pundit. After writing and editing 16 books, spending two decades teaching political and legal communication at San Francisco State and offering political analysis from CNN to KPIX TV, Joe Tuman packs old-school-pundit street cred.” Read more

2010 Campaign

In 2010, Tuman’s main issues were public safety, economic development and jobs, effective government and improved education.2

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