The Oakland Gas Light Company (sometimes referenced as the Oakland Gas-Light Company, the Oakland Gas and Light Company, and/or the Oakland Gaslight Company) was founded in 1866. The company's first president was Anthony Chabot.

Broadway was lined with gas lamps installed by the Oakland Gas Light Company in 1867.

In 1874 H. H. Haight was the President, and V. L. Eastland, Superintendent located in offices on 1st Street, between Broadway and Washington Street, Oakland, California.

Circa 1884, the company changed its name to the Oakland Gas, Light and Heat Company.

In 1889, John A. Britton became president of the company, and guided its growth and eventual merger into what is now the Pacific Gas & Electric Company, where he served as vice-president and general manager.

William Watrus Crane, Jr., former mayor of Oakland, served as president of the Oakland Gas and Light Company.

Article below [page 64] from "Oakland, Athens of the Pacific" by George W. Calderwood, Oakland (Calif.). Board of Trade, G. T. Loofbourow, Merchants' Exchange (Oakland, Calif.) 1897, showing a photo of the Oakland Gas, Light and Heat Company building.

Fixture at MLK Jr. Way and 36th Street

Fixture at 250 Sheridan Avenue, PiedmontFixture on Alice Street, Oakland


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