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The Resources Committee

The resources committee is focused on curating "resources" (People or Organizations) for entrepreneurs in the triangle. While there are tons of possible long-term benefits of having a central database of these resources, we're focused on the aggregation, distillation, and presentation of these resources to first-time regional startup founders.

In short, we're creating "The Triangle's Sherpa Guide to Startups". We're doing this by creating a producthunt.com type application that allows for the community to self-curate resources into personalized collections and brand those on a per-person or per-organization basis.

Product / Group / Company

The current application is available here: parkland.io
The current source code is here: github.com/vaporware/parkland
The current TODO list of features/development is here: github.com/vaporware/parkland/issues

Who are we?

We have a large group of 25 volunteers that have shown interest in the goals

Interested in helping the effort?

  1. This is a completely public initiative! The deliverables are Open Source.
  2. Join our instant communication on The Parkland Slack Chat to get involved (there are no scheduled meetings).

Meeting Notes: